12 November 2009

"Would you like to swing on a star" --Bing Crosby

When I was little, I used to think it would be nice to be a toll booth operator. Simple, repetitive work. Plenty of time to sit and think. Your own little booth. An honest living.

I never thought about breathing exhaust all day long when I was 7.

These days, there are lots of jobs I can think of that I wouldn't want. When we are on a car trip, we will sometimes play "would you rather be a ___ or a ___" to pass the time. It goes something like this...

Me: Would you rather be an Accountant or a Ditch-digger?

Well, I play. Hubby tends to respond with: What?! Neither. Where do you come up with this stuff?

But, of course, that violates the rules of the game.

Me: You have to pick one and state why.

Hubby: Accounting is incredibly boring. Ditch-digging is back-breaking work.

Me: So, which do you choose?


Me: You have to pick one and state why.

Hubby: Why?

Me: Not an acceptable answer. You can only ask clarifying questions.

Hubby: Okay, why are you doing this to me?

Me: Clarifying questions about the professions.




Me: Accountant or Ditch-digger?

Hubby: You're not going to let this go, are you?

Me: We have over 250 miles left until we get there. What do you think?

Hubby: Ditch-digger. Then, I'd have the perfect alibi.


Tina said...

Accountant. It may be boreing but there are only a couple of activities worth getting hot ans sweaty over and ditch digging ain't one of them.

Alex said...

What Tina said.

Although this question reminds me of the line from the Standells song "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White":

Good guys bad guys which is which
The white collar worker or the digger in the ditch
Hey, and who`s to say who`s the better man
When I`ve always done the best I can

The Bug said...

I actually have an accounting degree - but I don't use it. I loved your husband's answer - heh.

Kate said...

Hehehe. The Dead Guy and I used to have conversations like that all the time. I don't let it drop once it's out there. Oh, and I pick ditch digger, too.

Bowie Mike said...

What?!?! The other day you hung up on that poor family man with hungry children that wanted a job, and today you are offering a choice of careers?!?! What gives? :)

Liebchen said...

Great answer from Hubby. And I think I'd have to be a ditch digger. I'd make a lousy accountant.

Mike said...

Heheheheh, I like hubbies final answer.

Kate said...

The title of your post instantly reminded me of "Out of This World," a TV show I used to watch (many moons ago) that used a variation of Bing's tune for its theme song. Sometimes I really miss bad '80s TV.

Brutalism said...

From now on, also make him say his answer into your thumb, as though it was a microphone.

brad said...

I'd get fired if I was an accountant. Numbers evade me; often.

But I've always dug pretty great ditches. And I've watched dogs do it a bunch of times. Dig, that is. Not... it. Right.

Sean said...

If you were a toll booth operator, you could once and for all let me know something I've been wondering about for years: Where do toll booth operators go to the bathroom? I'm not talking about the super toll booth areas on 95 in Maryland. I wonder about the booths on the Dulles Toll Road with only one or two stations.

Matt said...

Yeah... I'd go with accountant. I need to be close to internet all day or else I get weak.

Titania said...

Ditch digger! It will give me a smaller belly and a tighter ass (note: this response may be influenced by the fact of being an economist). And an alibi

On another note, for word verification I got "elpato", which means "the duck" in spanish. Somehow I found that funny

Little Ms Blogger said...

I always dreamt of being Pluto at Disney World.

I'd never worry about what to wear, having a bad hair or talking to people. I mentioned this on an interview and was told that the suits have an air conditioning unit in it. Oddly enough, I got the job.

I'd be a traffic court judge, don't have a figure to be a stripper and my boobs are real.

Barbara said...

After just working out at the gym, I would say accountant! I would never go to the gym if I was a ditch-digger! But then again I might not need to. Can I change my mind?

Reya Mellicker said...

Your hubby is so darn clever! And funny, too. You guys are like one of those famous husband/wife teams from the films in the 1940's - like the Thin Man.

lacochran said...

Tina, Liebchen, Matt, Titania, Barbara: Good point to consider.

Alex: Don't know it but I like the verse you quoted.

The Bug, Mike: Stay tuned for tomorrow's question du jour: Should I be concerned my husband is trying to kill me?

Kate: Another reason I like you.

Bowie Mike: He might make a fine ditch digger. He was certainly digging a hole for himself.

Kate: There is so much in the category of bad 80s TV I'm surprised there isn't a cable channel dedicated to it.

Brutalism: Ha! Perfect.

brad: I'm seen 'em do both.

Sean: When I find out, I'll call you first with the answer.

Little Ms Blogger: Whoever thought real boobs would keep you from any job?

Reya Mellicker: Ooo, we need one of those little terriers--Asta, right?

Little Ms Blogger said...

Real boobs + age = gravity. I don't think that an asset in the stripper world

Janet Kincaid said...

ROTFLMAO x 10. You two totally crack me up! Oh, that is THE BEST thing I've read all day. No, wait, I take that back. That is the best thing I've read all year! Seriously.