15 November 2009

"Don't take me half the way" --Crystal Gayle

Today marks the half-way point of NaBloPoMo and it's been harder than I thought it would be (which was pretty hard to begin with!) I had to double up on the blogger supplements*. But, hey, I am nothing if not tenacious about things that matter little.

Perhaps the hardest for me is posting on the weekends. I gotta tell ya, I'm not a fan of the weekend posting. Weekends are cold, man. Cold! Way less hits, only a few comments... it's ego deflating for sure. If I didn't know better, I'd think you only read me to avoid work.


Moving on...

There is sort of a chicken and egg thing here. (Tasty!) You don't tend to come around on the weekends so I don't put a lot of time into my weekend posts so you don't come around on the weekends so...**

Which leads to the question of the day: If there were gobs of high-quality posts on the weekends, would you spend (more) weekend time surfing blogs?***

And, thank you! Thanks to those that read! Thanks to those that comment! Thanks to those that encourage! Thanks to those that amuse! And, mostly, thanks to those that like exclamation points!

* Corn pudding and vodka collinses. Am I dedicated? Absolutely.

** Yes, it's still all about me.

*** And if you're reading this on the weekend, why am I asking you?


Maya said...

Well, I feel like crap today, so I'm home on the weekend and reading your blog. You should feel honored! Yes, it's all about you. ;-)

Bowie Mike said...

I usually have less time during the week to read blogs, but there are more posts. So I'm more picky about what I read. There are some sites that I always read, and if I don't have time then, I go back and read later. On the weekends, I have more time, and I am less picky about what I read. In fact, on the weekends I usually read everything, and then find myself searching for more - maybe looking at older posts or reading the blogs of people that comment on sites that I read - or I might even resort to doing chores around the house!

I usually like to read your posts in the morning (when you generally post), and then I come back later to comment if something witty comes to mind.

sealz said...

I rarely comment. But I read online just as much as I do during the week. Its disappointing that some sites don't post during the weekend. My google reader is so empty on the weekends!

Tina said...

yep- I check less ont he weekends because generally there are less posts to find then. With as busy as things are right now at work its acutally easier to find time on the weekends. Therefore you are currently my favorite blogger because contraty to some other opinions - its all about what works for me!

frogponder said...

I don't sleep in. Just can't do it so I'm up early. Always. Reading blogs, reading books, doing nothing but that, and slurping coffee is *my* version of sleeping in until the troops get up.

Anonymous said...

I have more time on weekends. In fact, you should do a doubleheader on weekends and post twice!!!!!!!

Mike said...

"only a few comments"


The Bug said...

I have to read on the weekends, otherwise I'd have a boatload of blogs to read on Monday & I really like to do SOME work then. But I don't comment as much for some reason - I guess I'm giving myself the weekend off from trying to be witty.

kys said...

I read blogs on the weekends because I can't stand to have a full reader on Monday. Love the cartoons.

Cyndy said...

I like to read on weekends. It feels less crowded somehow. That first cartoon reminds me of a few of my friends. They bug me to post more. I am impressed by anyone who is able to post every single day.

Little Ms Blogger said...


If I'm reading on the weekends it is because I'm catching up on blogs I couldn't get to during the week. However, I'm not really reading blogs on the weekend.

Sometimes, I post on a weekend, but many times it is to give out awards OR I was a terrible blogger during the last week.

Titania said...

well, Like Ms. Blogger, I try to catch up with my reader on weekends, which is easier since there are less posts. However, that depends on what else is going on and what duties I need to fulfill around. Still, I am hooked, I need at least to skim it...

Kate said...

Sometimes, surfing the internet on weekends makes me feel like a loser.

Mike said...

@Kate - So to make yourself feel better you go out and get something good to eat, right? Sounds like a lose WIN situation to me. As a matter of fact, I'm feeling kinda hungry right now.

Barbara said...

Whew! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is neglected on the weekends. When I actually write something good on a Saturday or Sunday, I sometimes consider saving it for Wednesday, but then I tell myself I'm not writing for comments... right!

BTW, what is NaBloPoMo? If you told us, I confess to missing that post... My husband is taking part in NaNoWriMo. He currently has 10,000 words out of the 50,000 required with 50% of the time gone. I see some all-nighters in the future.

Felisa said...

Well I don't get to read you at work though so you can't say I read your blog to avoid work. I read you when I'm trying to avoid doing homework though! :P Just kidding!

Umm.. I tend to wait until Sunday night or even Monday to read interesting weekend posts. It's not that I purposefully stay away from blogs on the weekends because I don't think there's any interesting material out there. I literally don't have the time to be reading blogs!

lacochran said...

Maya: Oh, I am! I am! Hope you are feeling better by now.

Bowie Mike: So I'm right above hauling the trash out. I'll take it. Yay!!!!!

sealz: Thanks for stopping by and thanks for one of your rare comments.

Tina: Well, sure. If we're the same person.

frogponder: I was wondering where the coffee stains were coming from.

Anonymous: Or you could start blogging so I don't have to do so much!!!!!!

Mike: You're into minimalism?

The Bug, kys: It is a little pressure-y to have the reader full, isn't it?

Cyndy: Thanks but the month ain't over yet.

Little Ms Blogger: Thanks for catching up with this blog.

Titania: I am the same way.

Kate: I wonder how many people don't post a comment because of their fear of being perceived as having nothing better to do?

Barbara: I'll definitely save things for the week, if I can manage to come up with something else. And, NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month. (See button on the sidebar for link to information.)

Felisa: Okay. Thanks for stopping by and weighing in!

Huh, 16 comments on a Sunday post. You all are wonderful!

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Would you hate me if I said that every instance of "that" in this series of sentences needs to be changed to "who"?

And, thank you! Thanks to those that read! Thanks to those that comment! Thanks to those that encourage! Thanks to those that amuse! And, mostly, thanks to those that like exclamation points!

I'm not normally the grammar police, because my grammar sucks, but the misuse of that for who always gets me. Sorry. :-(

That aside, I read your blog every chance I get. Even on weekends!

brad said...

sometimes yes? usually, though, i'm trying to get away from my computer on the weekends. this almost always fails but i do a pretty good job of staying away from the lure of my reader.

Toe said...

Then what would I do during work if not to catch up on the postings I missed that weekend?