11 November 2009

"I remember Fanny May but from where I'm standing now, Looking at my fanny may remind one of a cow" --The Four Bitchin' Babes

[Sadly, Yogi's choice of tie only accentuates his hips.]

Careful! Don't get too close. Yeah, I got it: the internet bug that's going around. You've heard about it. You know. Not the H1N1, but the piggy virus all the same. It's the one that makes you gain 10 pounds. I can't believe I caught that. I must have swung in a little close on some of my comments. Ugh. Believe me, you don't want it.

It's true. I am up 10 pounds as of the writing of this post. I, like a bear, have put on my winter layer. Except it's a little early here, as there is no snow. And it's too early to hibernate. And, oh, yeah, I'm not a bear! *grumble* Well, I may be a bear to live with but that's a whole different post.

I am 10 pounds up from what I call "Vacation Weight." Vacation Weight is that number I traditionally get down to before I go on a (beach) vacation so I'll feel good about wearing less clothing. Usually, I am do or die about this, but this year? Somehow I just couldn't deal. Unlike previous attempts, before this trip, I got to within 5 pounds of Vacation Weight and gave up. Then, on vacation I added another 5 pounds hither and yon.

Where did Vacation Weight come from? It is a number given to me by my husband. Now, hold up. Before you blast Hubby, I'm not talking about him. Twenty-five years ago, my then husband told me the weight he thought I shouldn't go above. (Did I mention he didn't have mad skillz in the people department? Hence, the "ex".) I have been trying--and more often than not failing--to meet that standard given to me by someone I haven't talked to in over 20 years. Thaaaat's right. L. A. Cochran: Embracing the Crazy Since 1985.

I went shopping last week and I am between sizes. Size-wise, I am sort of like the equator right now: splitting down the middle (which may describe my pants if I'm not careful). Clothes I would naturally reach for? Too tight. Things I will settle for? Too loose. At least I know a good tailor.

Well, so, what to do? Do I ramp up the exercise and ramp down the calories and embrace Biggest Loser as more than a spectator sport? Or do I drift up to the next size: embracing my inner Yogi? (Bear, that is.)

Hm. I've always had a fondness for pic-a-nic baskets. Then, again, I practically wear a WWJD (What Would Jillian Do) bracelet.

So, is gaining 10 pounds reason for concern? And while you're weighing (heh) in... *looks hungrily at plate* Are you gonna eat that?


Kate said...

I ate two boxes of pizza rolls last night if that tells you how I feel about it.

The Bug said...

10 pounds might not be a huge deal, but it's a slippery slope! I got down to my goal weight in 2004 & have since gained it all back. So now I have FIFTY pounds to lose. Those first 10 back didn't alarm me, but maybe they should have.

That said - maybe the weight you have now IS the best weight for you. Sounds like your ex might not have been the best authority on that...

Liebchen said...

I'm generally hesitant to give weight advice, because it's so different for everyone. On my frame (and in my face, especially), I could easily see a 10 pound gain and I'd try to nip it in the bud.

For other people, it's not as evident, so it all depends on what you're comfortable/happy with.

Maya said...

Oh, I hate that in-between size thing which is where I, too, am smack dab in the middle of. Makes ordering clothes online impossible!

LBluca77 said...

The winter layer sucks. I wish just one year it would not show its face to me. Or I guess I should say not show its giant ass.

Mike said...

Let me think about this. I'll get back to you after lunch.

f.B said...

i am going to eat that. but i will make some more so you can have some, too. because eating is wonderful. and in my humble opinion, 10 pounds is no reason to miss out on it.

Bowie Mike said...

Wow. This is the type of question that us guys hate to answer. No wonder the guys are avoiding commenting - except for Mike who commented that he was avoiding commenting. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the guys are staying away for other reasons. It is a holiday. Perhaps some of the guys slept in after getting lucky with the new "ear trick" they learned yesterday.

Let me take the clinical approach to your question. Health and happiness should be the real target - not weight. Do you exercise regularly? Do you generally eat the right things? Do you have cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and other screening done at least once per year? Do you rake leafs? Do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain?

Herb of DC said...

I've been to Bear bars, I've been to Bear Happy Hours, I've even been on a Bear Cruise and you are most certainly NOT a bear.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm going with Bowie Mike on this one. It's about health and how you feel.

Barbara said...

I have never had a problem with gaining a lot of weight. But the weight I do have seems to have found its way to my hips and adjoining areas -- hence the pear (Yogi) shape. My new personal trainer Emily is hopefully going to rearrange some of those pounds. I should probably cut back on the cheese and dark chocolate too. What's your worst food vice?

lacochran said...

Kate: Oooo, pizza rolls. Mmmm.

The Bug: He might not have been the best authority on anything but you couldn't tell him that.

Liebchen: Having very few clothes that fit isn't making me happy.

Maya: I'm always nervous about sizes when ordering online anyway. These days they range so much.

LBluca77: :) Giant asses unite! Or get lost. Or something.

Mike: You gonna eat that?

f.B: Eating *is* wonderful and you are very generous.

Bowie Mike: I have a few vices but other than that, yes, I'm incredibly healthy. *knocks wood* I hope the ear trick worked for you.

Herb of DC: I've been to a Bear Jamboree. Somehow, I don't think it's the same.

Little Ms Blogger: I feel all right except when I'm squeezing into clothes that used to hang well on me.

Barbara: Cheese, wine, crusty bread. In any order.

Tina said...

I have gained and lost, and gained and lost, and yet again gained about 50 pounds over the last 8 years.

50 pounds lighter I am at the right weight on some chart some where and in the perfect size 8. I am also miserable, bitchy, have no energy and faint - OFTEN. However, at my current weight I feel fat, unattractive, have no energy, and my back and feet hurt.

So, here's what I have decided - I am not going to even look at a scale. But I am going to try to snack less, eat healthier stuff, and get up and move more until I feel good.

As for how I look - who the hell cares I'm over 40 I can start heading for eccentric old lady territory early if I want. I may start buying ugly housedresses and hats any day.

Titania said...

My dear, I saw you Saturday and you are NOT a bear. Now. i don't really think that is the point, at least not in my case, I think the issue is kinda "all past time was better". I miss the time I was two sizes smaller and 15-20 pounds lighter, when I could wear absolutely anything. No matter if people tell me I was way too skinny then, I still feel in the chubby side now

lacochran said...

Tina: Fainted, huh. But you looked good while you were passed out, right? ;) If 40 is the marker, I should have thrown in the towel 7 years ago.

Titania: I can't imagine you two sizes smaller. You may feel chubby but I don't know why--you don't look it. You look mahvelous!