25 November 2009

"It's the last song I'll ever write for you" --Edward Bear


This is L. A. Cochran. Can anyone here me? Over.


On the off chance that anyone is out there, I'm going to keep t-talking. It's so c-cold here. And so quiet except for the w-wind whipping. I'm at the 50,000 foot marker. Almost to the summit. I c-can see it but I don't know if I'll make it.

At first we were all for one and one for all. We were a great team. Then, we... we ran out of food at about 30,000 feet--still early in the NaBloP-P-PoMo trek... It got a little ugly.

I had to stay warm. I had to keep g-going. I needed sustenance. Dammit! I had to think of my own survival!

D-don't look at me like that. I had no choice. You would have done the same thing. Besides, it wasn't so bad. Blogger tastes like chicken. Chicken with big chunks of *quiet weeping* gristle.



*sound of throat clearing*

There's still a few of us... trudging on... determined to make the summit... to p-plant the NaBloPoMo flag... to get a little d-d-dental floss.

But some of the others, they're eying me funny--like a KFC two-piece. I... I don't know how much further I can go. If you don't hear from me, tell--*thwack!*


*dead air*


Gilahi said...

Wow. I'm not sure where you're climbing, but the highest mountain on the planet is less than 30,000 feet high. No wonder your radio reception is spotty.

Kate said...

Aw. You'll make it. Talk about your favorite foods or something. Take questions. It will be GOOD@!

FoggyDew said...

If you run into "The Man" and "The Boy" on The Road you're on, well, nice knowing you.

As for the height of her climb, perhaps she's counting the parts of Everest that lay beneath the waves of the Indian Ocean? Even then that only gets her to 41k feet. So maybe the halucinations have begun.

Cyndy said...

You can do it!!!

Sean said...

You can make it! Just throw together a few posts about Black Friday (or how you choose not to participate in it) and add some funny videos and you're there. Only 5 more days!

Bilbo said...

Push, LA, push (the keys, I mean)!! You can do it!!

Hannah said...

Bloggers don't taste like chicken, they taste more like rabbit.
Or so I've heard...*whistles innocently*. ;)

A said...

The Canadians will sustain you! You're so close! Keep going!

Tina said...

Remind the others you were the only one injected with a biofuled tranmitter that will trigger the rescue Helocopters once you get to the top. If they kill you no rescue. I mean there were hoping to get back done right? Or did they kind of forget that part?

Mike said...

And this is just Wednesday. Think about the next 4 days. Don't forget you can prepost. Maybe you should get busy tonight. But you'll have to leave one comment out there somewhere everyday to make people think your really into this.

Wv: - braitesc - A movie about an obnoxious kid that got away.

spleeness said...

I'm here, I'm here. Push on! [over]

Bowie Mike said...

Sounds like a new Jon Krakauer book: Into the Blogsphere

lacochran said...

Gilahi: Thank you for your concern.

Kate: No worries. Thanks for your encouragement.

Foggy Dew: How would we know the difference if the hallucinations had begun?

Cyndy: Thank you! (Did no one get that I was getting thwacked in the head by my fellow NaBloPoMo-mates? Obviously, I had poor execution here. My apologies.)

Sean: Thank you for your encouragement. Outrageously good mustache, by the way!

Bilbo: Awww, *hug*.

Hannah: Thank you for getting what I was going for. THANK YOU!

A: God willin' and the creek don't rise.

Tina: I LOVE IT! Thank you for getting what I was going for.

Mike: I am "preposting", as you say, for tomorrow, but will be posting for realz on Friday, probably late in the day.

spleeness: God bless you, *over*!

Bowie Mike: And, again, thank you for getting me. I was going for Piers Paul Read but Krakauer is close enough.

Wishing you all an extraordinarily good holiday!

Barbara said...

I'd put my money on you any day to reach the summit first. You won't need to eat them, just to outwit them.

I'm living with a NaNoWriMo entrant and I can tell you for sure, he's not going to make it by Dec. 1. Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to count him out of the race. He has a reputation of coming through when the chips are down.

Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!

Mac and Cheese said...

You're so close! You're even still funny! Hang on!