01 November 2009

"It's been a long November and I've reason to believe" --with apologies to Counting Crows

[So much truth in those chickens.]

*wild eyed panic*


Why are you looking at me??!

Oh, um, yeah. I'm posting. On a Sunday. Crazy shenanigans, right? Next I'll be mixing chocolate with peanut butter.*

I... well, see, I may have signed up for NaBloPoMo.

L.A., you're going to post every day in November?


You posted a total of seven times in the month of October.


Seven times!

Which just proves I can come up with things to talk about. Like NaBloPoMo, which is pretty fun to say. NaBloPoMo. NaBloPoMo.





You're mouthing it, aren't you? I like the way your lips move when you read.


It's going to be a long November. So, tune in here daily to watch me sweat. Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel.

* You're kidding! When? Why didn't I see this on Twitter?**

** Note to self: See? Proof that Twitter is utter rubbish.***

*** Note to self: Um, try not to alienate your readers, many of whom are on Twitter.****

**** Note to self: You're bossy.


Bowie Mike said...

Yeah, I had to look it up. It's funny how the site says:

"set the habit of blogging by doing it every day for a month, including weekends"

Including weekends? I know weekends are a slow time in the blogsphere, but sometimes, that's when I have the most free time to blog.

Looking forward to your November posts.

The Bug said...

Well this will be fun - I always enjoy your posts.

Regarding the cartoon - I think I'm WAY more interesting on my blog than in real life - but that might be why I don't have many friends who are regular readers :)

Leah said...

I've only glanced through a few of your posts so far, but I'm already lol-ing. Can't wait to read your posts this month!

Mike said...

So the thieving begins. Going to other peoples blogs that your readers don't read (you hope) and stealing their stuff. (not that I would do that) WAIT!! I don't have to start sending YOU stuff in the email now do I?

Jessi said...

NaBloPoMo, woo!! <3

kys said...

Good luck! I'm not doing it. I can't stand the pressure.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

My posting frequency gets worse every month. I can barely handle 3 times a week - can't imagine every day!

Gilahi said...

Guess I'll see you in December. Wave at me if you get a chance.

lacochran said...

Bowie Mike: It's practically just you and me on the weekends. Don't forget to hit the lights when you're done. :) And thanks for your encouragement.

The Bug: I, too, think I don't hold up in real life.

Leah: Good! Thanks for stopping by!

Mike: There's nothing new under the sun. (Yeah, I stole that, too.)

Jessi: NaBloPoMo, woo!! <3

kys: But that's the fun part... seeing when you/I crack. No? Anyway, thanks for your encouragement.

Kate Coveny Hood: Ya never know until you try. Thanks for stopping by--it's lonely on Sundays.

Gilahi: *waveywave*

Sean said...

Note to self: Make sure to visit Lacochran everyday!

Note to self: Shouldn't I have done this already?

Note to self: Lacochran may be bossy, so just write that you already do.

lacochran said...

Sean: In the immortal words of Bartles and Jaymes, we thank you for your support.

Maya said...

With everyone signing up for this blogging challenge, I will have too much to read. I protest! Of course, if everyone writes like you, that wouldn't be so bad...

lacochran said...

Maya: If everyone were as sweet as you, life would be a breeze.

Maya said...

hahahaha, if you only knew. Wiping tears from my eyes from laughing so hard...

Titania said...

wow, you're my hero! I think I am posting these days like once a month...