21 March 2014

"Now, I don't know... I don't know" --Jimmy Buffett

Oh, hai.

I've been traveling some.

Got to see Vanna and Pat do their thing in L.A. in January. Yeah, L.A. in L. A... Seems like they would have thrown a parade or something, right? Not so much. I did get a free light up W.o.F. pin, though. Also? Vanna really is that beautiful. Still.

And last month in the midst of the snow-lashings, we spent 5 days with friends in steamy (80+% humidity) Key West. Hey, that's not a weather complaint, just a fact. I'll take balmy any day! Plus, ya gotta love those six-toed Hemingway cats:

So, yeah, I've seen some wondrous sights of late. But in the Key West hotel, I noticed this thingamabob between the door and the TV. See it?

Here's a closer view...

My question is: What the hell is that??

The other thing I've been doing lately is deleting. I'm spending a lot of time deleting all the second spaces after all the periods that I can't help but type because, goshdernit, that's the way I was taught as a youngin. Anybody else doing this??

13 February 2014

"If I gave my heart to you" --The Beatles

For you.

From me.

The Ki To My Heart. 

That's right, I cut a kiwi in half and took a picture just for you.

Why?  Because that's how life is... random and beautiful and has a furry peel.

For more in this series see Celery Rose.*

*And by series, I mean two times in five years.  Artistic genius takes time, people!!

17 December 2013

"The world as I see it..." --Jason Mraz

From the 'things I've seen this week' file:

A clever name for a new cafe or advice from Rob Ford?   

I've heard that most of Hallmark's audience is women but I didn't see this category of card coming... 

 And, finally, I get the whole nine lives thing...

04 December 2013

"Yummy, yummy, yummy..." --The Archies

You know how all your life you're in one category and then one day BAM you're in another?

Yeah, I just switched categories.  I am no longer someone who doesn't eat food from a food truck.

My current job location is in the heart of DC... well, maybe the lower intestine of DC... and come lunchtime the road in front of my building is filled with food trucks.  Today there was an Indian food truck and I succumbed.  I knew it was quality Indian food because it said so right on the truck: FINE INDIAN FOOD.   No name or identifier of any sort, just that.

Officer:  So, you want to sue the people that gave you ptomaine?
Me, weakly:  Yes.
Officer:  And the name of the vendor?
Me:  Um... Fine.  The family name must be "Fine".
Officer:  Fine??
Me:  ...Nevermind.

But so far so good.  The portions were reasonable but hearty, the sauces hot enough to make my nose run, and the mango lassi was yummy!!  The only thing that didn't work was the naan.  It was more like a thick old pita.  I guess expecting to have a proper tandoori oven in a food truck in order to make naan might be a wee bit unreasonable.

Question du jour:  Do you eat food truck food?

I'm still not eating at any of these:

07 November 2013

"Waiting at the station with the work day wind a'blowin'" --Carole King

                          [Me, looking forward to another day at work.]

                           [Clearly he went to the wrong Subway.]

We ride in silence on the subway, absorbed in phones/readers/books/newspapers.  And, I gotta tell you, I'm loving this part of my day.  Getting a chance to read for 20 minutes in the morning and evening does wonders for me. This is much better than the frothing at the mouth, speed demon I am behind the wheel.

But today, the train is more sluggish than usual, making stops between platforms and making longer stops than normal on the platforms.  We grim little hamsters have no choice but to wait, pawing at our phone buttons for the magic pellets that make our lives complete. 

After what feels like a rather lengthy wait on a platform, the doors close and we start to move.  At this point the conductor says over the speaker, "Do you SEE the train that's DIRECTLY BEHIND ME??"  We look up in surprise.  Clearly he is not talking to us but still...


So, today I am thankful for the subway train driver who decided not to wait for clearance to get moving again.