19 October 2008

It's so shiny!

Bilbo of Bilbo's Random Thought Collection has graciously awarded me with the Superior Scribbler Award*:

I would complain about back-to-back memes but it's Sunday and there's only two of you reading anyway so what the heck.

Besides, I am a sucker for shiny things. Awards? Very shiny. Now, who took my swag bag??

The rules:
1. I must pass it on to five other deserving bloggers; [Check!]
2. I must link to the author and to the name of the blog from whom I received the award; [Check!]
3. I must display the award on my blog and link to Melissa's post which explains said award; [Check!]
4. I had to add my name to the "Mr Linky List"; [Check!]
5. I had to post the rules on my blog. [Check!]

So, without further ado, may I present the award to the following fabulous bloggers who so often make me laugh:
  1. Crissy: She's already the Queen of F-ing Everything, so what's one more award on the pile? Besides being hilarious, she bravely displays video of her terrible dancing (which is still better than mine.)
  2. Your Beard is Good: Follow the bizarre and always funny adventures of Rs27. Do it!!
  3. The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy: J-Money is the funniest chick on the Internet. Period.
  4. The DC Universe: Ignore the stuff on comics unless you're all geeked up like that but definitely read the rants. When he's on a roll, he's all about the funny.
  5. Surviving Myself: A more recent find for me but definitely worth a check if you're looking for quality comedy.
Being in the limelight sure is exhausting. I'm gonna go climb out of a car sans skivvies, check into/out of/into/out of rehab, and throw my cell phone at my assistant. Yeah, I'm all glamorous like that.

* When did awards start coming with homework? I'll bet Halle Berry doesn't have to do this sort of thing when she gets an award. *hmph* **

** Yeah, I guess I did just compare myself to model, actress and beauty queen Halle Berry. What's your point? *glowers menacingly* ***

*** I read somewhere that Halle Berry has always slept in a bra. That's just messed up. Why are you so interested in Halle Berry all of a sudden anyway? Your obsessions are a little creepy.


Kristen said...

HEY! My dancing is WONDERFUL.

And I never get sick of awards. Pile them on!!!

Thank you! Love you!!!!

Mike said...

Good picks. Excellent picks. Keep up the good picking.

jamie said...

Congrats on the award! And great bloggers to pass it on to :)

lacochran said...

Jamie: Thanks and thanks for stopping by.

Bilbo said...

Halle Berry has always slept in a bra? Most of us sleep in a bed. That must be a really big bra. Drat, now I'll spend all day thinking about Halle Berry in a bra. Thanks.

lacochran said...

Bilbo: Like you weren't thinking about Halle Berry anyway.

rs27 said...

I won! I won!

Please send money.