17 October 2008

Cleveland/Three Men in One Night

I am back from Cleveland.

First, a little about the "city". I was only there for two-and-a-half days and I did what I could with the time but I may not be able to give tours yet.

I guess what I want to say about Cleveland is that it clearly doesn't have that city thing down. Oh, sure, it's got stuff to see and do. It's got the tall buildings and the large number of people. It's got enough places to drop a lot of cash on fru-fru food and fru-fruier drinks, if that's what you want to do.* It's got landmarks and neighborhoods, yeah.

What it doesn't have is a pissy city attitude. The entire time I was there, I didn't encounter one person who was snotty to me. Nobody was irritated or impatient.


Shape up, Cleveland. You'll never get to DC's status if you continue with your laid-back ways.

So, that was a little disappointing.

But, in addition to doing as little work as possible, I did have the pleasant diversion of enjoying three men in one night.** I hadn't planned on three men in one night. I had hoped to divide up my pleasure between the two nights I was there, but, alas, the best-laid plans...

So, Wednesday night, I met up with two dear friends who I hadn't seen in a couple years for happy hour at the 100th Bomb Group Restaurant. They put me in the middle, but you probably already figured that out. After that, one pal headed out and the other brought me to Pier W for more great conversation, an excellent dinner and, once the storm lifted, a gorgeous view of the lake and the city skyline. Finally, I met up with the infamous Narm at The Metropolitan. So young, so cute, so clever... but enough about me. What can I say? Narm was the perfect ending to a perfect evening. Who else could charm me with giant squid tidbits?

And now I am back home, tired, but with my memories.

Lest you think I completely forgot about my husband, I didn't. I brought him this treasure trove of gifts:

* I love fru-fru food and my record on alcohol is clear. I am not a flip-flopper. I have always been pro-alcohol, fru-fruie or not.

** TMI? Look away. I can not bear your scorn.***

*** Well, I thought I couldn't but look at that. Scorn isn't so bad.


zipcode said...

Did you go to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame -- that is one thing I liked about Cleveland.

Narm said...

I didn't even get into the giant squid vs colossal squid facts. You'll have to come back - I get some projector slides made up.

Thanks again for meeting out. And not saying mean things about Cleveland.

Lemmonex said...

I have heard differing things about Cleveland, though I do hear they have a really interesting gay scene/community.

I always pillage the hotel, too.

fiona said...

Ohhh,I'm jealous.
I'd go to Cleveland just to hang out with it's worst kept secret!
The Narmster.
I'm all about the Squid!
Glad you had fun and it's good to have you back. :-)

Gilahi said...

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is terrific, but frankly I was pretty impressed with Cleveland overall. When I was there, we walked pretty much everywhere we went, ate at some pretty darn good restaurants, and enjoyed a clean, friendly city. I liked it.

Another point of view: "Every country has cities that everybody makes fun of. In Russia, we make fun of Cleveland." -- Yakov Smirnoff

rs27 said...

First post about Cleveland that didn't involve the words, lame, boring, or Narm.

Wait, 2 out of 3.

Kristin said...

If I ever move back to Ohio, I'm moving to the land of Cleve. Drew Carey was right - Cleveland rocks. Once an Ohio girl, always an Ohio girl.

Doug said...

Kristin said it best... if Drew Carey tells me something rocks... I believe it.

You have a lucky, lucky husband. I want a significant other who brings me high-end hotel soaps! Waaaa!

lacochran's evil twin said...

Zipcode: No, but I heard very good things from the folks that did.

Narm: Colossal squid calls for colossal beer. It's just a fact.

Lemmonex: I figure I've paid for it, might as well take it if I want it.

Fiona: Totally worth it. Thanks for the welcome back. I've missed you all.

Gilahi: Yours was pretty consistent with my experience. Boy, Yakov Smirnoff... there's a name from the past.

Rs27: :) Careful. I may come visit you next.

Kristin: If my instincts hold (and 98% of the time they do) that makes you good people.

Doug: He is awash in my generosity. :)

Alexa said...

yeah, clevelanders are way too nice.

then again you didn't meet me. ha

lacochran said...

Alexa: Sounds like a challenge. :) Next time!