23 October 2008

"I am a lineman for the counteeeee..." --Glen Campbell

[A worse job than mine.]

I don't tend to automatically tell people where I work but I'll respond with the truth if asked. And in DC, you're always asked. It's usually question #1. But if not, certainly it's in the top 5.

The place I work is pretty well-known and people tend to be impressed.*

In fact, people often respond with things like, "Really?! You work for _____?? WOW!! For real? That must be soooo awesome! That must be great!!"

And in many ways, it is.**

But, if you are a reader of any time here, you know that, even if the organization has a pretty good reputation, it doesn't preclude periodic run-ins with morons. And, though my current job is making me happier than my previous positions, I don't exactly leap out of bed and skip to work, scattering rose petals as I go.***

So, there's always that decision to make in the moment when someone says, "Gosh, you must love it!"

I can meet their expectation and lie, saying, "Yes. It's every bit as awesome as you think it is" ...and sound really pompous.

Or I can say, "It's okay" or "It has its sucky moments just like your job." ...and sound modest. Unfortunately, this often brings more "Oh, come on, that must be frickin' awesome!"

Or I can say what I usually say: *shrug* "I guess I'm fortunate... it's a pretty good organization."

Which is really the truth. It’s not my dream job and if I were independently wealthy, I wouldn’t be here. But I don’t take my job for granted either. I know it could be a lot worse.

Excuse me, my break is over and somebody's thrown a milkshake over the clown speaker, again, and it's fritzing.

* I'm not going to reveal my organization's name on the Interwebs but suffice to say that billions have been served.

** Corporate policy: You can keep any food that drops on the floor.

*** In fact, I hit snooze four times this morning and would have hit it a fifth time if I didn't have a morning meeting that I couldn't miss.****

**** Have you ever noticed how, when you hit snooze and you're in that half-dream state and all mooshy*****, you'll start to incorporate what's being said on the radio into your dreams? So, your mom is still talking to you but now she's talking about a Ne-Yo concert. And some other part of your brain realizes something's wonky and says "That's weird. Mom is much more of a Metallica fan."

***** Isn't that half-asleep, snuggled in bed, mooshy feeling the best?! I vote for the candidate who can provide me with more mooshy.


Narm said...

Billions have been served, better than your last position, people tend to be impressed.

This entire post was asking for a 'that's what she said'.

If only you knew someone who was immature enough to say it.

LBluca77 said...

The most exciting thing about my job is that I can wear jeans to work on Fridays.

SingLikeSassy said...

I work for one of those places that everyone knows and has an opinion about and, once they know I work here, feel they must share said opinion with me. I'm hoping the monumental sighs and/or side eyes from me cues them to my not giving a fat baby's azz.

rs27 said...

You work at Heidi Fleiss' house?!?!

Mike said...

So how many comments do you have on http://notalwaysright.com/ ?

Bilbo said...

On behalf of clowns everywhere, we object to having milkshakes thrown at us. It does, indeed, make us all fritzy.

Ibid said...

The correct answer to "You must love it there" is "well, yes, I like what I do, but it's still a job with all the idiot managers, thick cow-irkers, and moron customers that come with it. Plus there's more rat than cow in most burgers."

I used to leave the alarm on so it'd ring on Saturday morning and I could just turn over, shut it off, and go back to sleep. I did it just so once in awhile I could feel like I beat the evil little ringing thing. "Fuck you, clock. I win. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ"

Doug said...

The More Mooshey Platform - I love it.

Every morning the news gets incorporated into my dreams... which has been getting progressively more frustrating. Mmmm ohhhh yeaaah ohh baaaaby keep telling me about that traffic in between 123 and Nutley Street. Ohhhh yeaaaah. Yeah, I think I'm moving back to the beep.

Herb of DC said...

What Sassy said.

It's friday and I'm too tired to come up with anything original.

wc#3 said...

I'm for lying... better to keep people's illusions up lest you break their spirit... hey, are the floors really that clean? Maybe you won't be lying after all... :D

Kate said...

I like the snuggled in bed feeling the best of ever.

lacochran said...

Narm: If only...

Lbluca77: Dress down Friday is not to be underrated.

SingLikeSassy: Do you work down the hall from me? And did you get some of that yellow cake?

Rs27: Shhh. Don't tell and I'll get you a special rate.

Mike: All of them?

Bilbo: This explains a lot.

Ibid: Wow. Just wow.

Doug: It's all about the Nutley.

Herb of DC: Pobrecito. In that case, what I said to her goes for you, too.

Wc#3: It's paradise... it's awful nice...

Kate: It's soooo good. All mooshy. Ahhhh.

Reya Mellicker said...

The problem with being really smart and observant (as you are) is that the morons stick out like sore thumbs.

You know that saying Ignorance is bliss ???

'Nuff said.