08 October 2008

"I love the places that we go/And I love the people that you know." --Nickelback

Don't you hate people that say "Let's get together! We haven't seen each other in ages!" and then you say "Okay, what do you want to do?" and they say "Anything, you pick" and so you pick a thing to do and you say "Where do you want to do this?" and they say "Doesn't matter" and so you pick a place and you say "When do you want to meet?" and they say "Any time--whatever is good for you" and you say "Okay" and you pick a date and time and they say "Great! See you there!" and you're totally stuck making all the decisions because you're now their social secretary even though it was their freakin' idea to get together to begin with?

I hate that. And run-on sentences. And sentence fragments.

Don't you hate that?

If so, that person you hate is me. And 95% of my friends.

We totally want to get together.* And none of us care about making arrangements. So, someone always gets stuck being the planner or we'd never do anything. We are forever having tag-up conversations like the one above except we're all playing the "anything is fine" part. I mean it: the vast majority of my friends. Old friends. New friends. Doesn't matter.

So I wind up with a lot of "I know I'm doing something with X some time the third weekend of the month" and then locking in the day before when one of us finally gives in and says "We're doing something, right? What are we doing?" and there's a series of "We could do lots of things" statements and somebody finally puts their foot down and says something completely weak like "I decided last time so it's your turn."

And I get stuck finally making the arrangements after not doing it for, oh, forty times.

I hate that.

* Make that "We epically want to get together." You're right, Jon, that's much better.


Lemmonex said...

Yeah, I am generally the one who makes the decisions. I don't think I am bossy, I just really like a plan, so I am happy to do it.

Plus, I want my way.

LivitLuvit said...

See, this is why I choose friends like Lemmonex. Except when I don't and then we totally do exactly what you just described. I'm completely horrible at making "what to do" decisions, mostly because everything just sounds good to me. Planning Fail.

fiona said...

"Party, our house, Saturday,
7p.m., bring booze"
Works every week for me!
Oh and "eat first or you'll get drunk"

Gilahi said...

I wanted to comment on this post but I couldn't think of anything. You put something in here for me. Thanks.

Kristen said...

I get stuck in that all the time too. Nobody wants to be the one to pick what and when and where and so it just goes back and forth for like ages until somebody finally just tells everyone what to do.

Mike said...

I'm calling the Finklebaums and telling!

rs27 said...

Thats why I always pick a competition and then destroy them. I need to feel superior.

Bilbo said...

Let's not do lunch.

Reya Mellicker said...

Oops. Mea culpa.

I get so tired of trying to schedule things with people I like, that's why I get passive and say WHATEVAH!!

Sometimes I get an idea, though, except then my friends can't do it because ... well because all our calendars are way overbooked.


Narm said...

I am completely not ok with you quoting Nickelback. At all. This is going to forever change the way I comment on your blog.

lacochran said...

Lemmonex: Works for me. Please plan all my future plans.

LivitLuvit: Exactly. It's about the people not the stuff.

Fiona: Works for me. What's your address?

Gilahi: Let's get together! We haven't seen each other in ages!

Kristin: Exactly.

Mike: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for reading the graphic!

Rs27: Luckily you are.

Bilbo: Okay, where do you not want to go?

Reya: I worked plans with five different people all within the same day. Don't try it. My head nearly exploded.

Narm: You mean your comments are going to be funny? Ba-DUM-ching! How can you be hating on Nickelback? Okay, there's the whole coke whore thing but with an opening line like "I like your pants around your feet", this is a great song.

zandria said...

It does seem like "let's get together" is usually another term for "I like you, but I'm not going to make an effort" (something I've been guilty of saying myself). People who really want to get together make definite plans.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Zandria: Eventually, sure. Just maybe not on your schedule.