28 October 2008

"Come away with me..." --Norah Jones

Here is my office view:

if by "office view" you mean "calendar picture I am currently torturing myself with".

Pretty, no?

According to the calendar, this is a shot of Nevis, which I'm told is pronounced NEEvis, which, to me, always sounded less like a tropical island and more like...

Doctor: I'm afraid it's quite serious--he's broken his Nevis.

I'd still be willing to risk it.

And so I will be spending some time on Nevis' sun drenched shores, if by "spending time on Nevis' sun drenched shores" you mean generating reports that probably won't ever be used, under unflattering florescent lights until my eyes cross.

Tra La!


Reya Mellicker said...

Janelle (who lives on the other side of the equator) has just returned from a holiday in Zanzibar. The photos on her blog are truly gorgeous.

Kind of a slap in the face to go from those pics to my window. It's so grey out there.


Welcome to winter. Oh well.

Narm said...

Do they make calendars with guns and nooses to more accurately convey what is going through my mind at work? Suicide Calendar 2009

Lemmonex said...

re: names that sound like ailments...don't you think the smae of Sue Palka, the channel 5 weather woman?

"How you doing, la cochran?"
"Man, I got a little case of suepalka".

Mike said...

Some accountant is expecting that report to justify their job. Sneak a few roman numerals in there and see if they catch them.

Bilbo said...

Just 11 days to go until our vacation. I'll send you some pictures. Don't bother to thank me...the expression on your face will be thanks enough.

fiona said...

We have a "Ben Nevis" in Scotland, just a huge horrible hill. I climbed it once, no view, just fog.
Your Nevis on the other hand...sigh

Matt said...

Why even tease yourself like that???

Tina said...

38 days until my cruise and 10 of them will be spent in snowy Siberia - which is still better than work!! Thank you for the lovely reminder!

lacochran said...

Reya: Wait, isn't there an election coming up? I vote for Summer. Four more years!

Narm: It would sell great but not for repeat customers.

Lemmonex: :) The cream helped clear up most of the suepalka.

Mike: Tempting... tempting!

Bilbo: *phhhttt* And have a great trip.

Fiona: *sigh* If only it were MY Nevis. I'm willing to share.

Matt: Torture can be motivating.

Tina: How exotic in a whole different way! Have a great trip!

LivitLuvit said...

This WAS my office for the last week and a half. And now I'm back here...


lacochran said...

Dear Lilu,

Sorry to hear you broke your Nevis.
I hear that's quite painful.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,