16 July 2008

Googly Goo

A while back, I set up my Google Reader and loaded it up with lots of lovely blogs to read. I enjoyed reading these blogs and knowing when someone had posted some critical update about the crazy guy at the 7-11 who insists on paying with all pennies or the blogger that shares that their latest poo was shaped like a dinosaur. Important stuff! You people can be all kinds of entertaining.

Then things got crazy busy at work. My boss went off on one of his bi-weekly vacations (La! La!).*

He left me in charge and last week was something of a perfect storm of meetings and presentations and action items (oh, my!) and I was pulling reports in my off-hours and expanding the curse words in my vocabulary and auto-posting my modest inventory of material to my blog because I had no time to come up with anything new and yet I'd made an unofficial commitment to myself to try to post something at least six days a week.***

And in the midst of all this insanity (Stop the Insanity!****), I realized I was falling further and further behind in my all important blog reading.

You wouldn't think that this would be the guilt-inducing state that it is but that Google Reader would tell me that there were 19 updates... 26 updates... 42 updates... well, you get the idea. I shouldn't have been checking it, I know, as there was no way I was getting to any of those updates while insanity ensued but... I might be... just a little... addicted.

So, happily the boss is back and I can start to catch up a bit on my Reader-ing before I'm completely overwhelmed and just hit the Mark All as Read button for all of you Blogosphere lovelies.

So if it seems I've suddenly stopped commenting and expressing my joy at the wonder that is your blog, chances are it's just a work thingy.

Yeah, go with that.

* He is my work hero. He disappears on short notice more than Batman. I can learn much from this genius.**

** Unless he really is Batman. This is not a job I want. I do not have the body to carry off large belt buckles.

*** Sure, some people would call that a sloppy, run-on sentence. I prefer to think of it as a James Joycian stream-of-consciousness homage.

**** 5 extra special bonus points to the person who knows who made that quote famous!


morninglight mama said...

I went to CT for five days, and came back to 200+ on the old google reader... sadly, mark all read was hit more than a few times.

And the Stop the Insanity- wasn't it that really-shorn lady who exercised a lot and went from really large to insanely thin? (Too lazy to google her...)

Gilahi said...

Stop the insanity. Wasn't that the Village People? No wait, that was Don't Stop The Music....

GreenCanary said...

Susan Powter, baby!

Bilbo said...

I can't stop the insanity...it's all I've got left...

rs27 said...

Stop the insanity was definitely made famous by mom in 1986 when I ran around the house punching people in the groin.

Narm said...

Can this go both ways? Cuz I am guilty of this offense as well.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Morninglight mama: 200+! Yikes! Judges? Bzzt! I'm sorry, they're looking for a more specific answer.

Gilahi: Bzzt!

Green canary: Ding!Ding!Ding! 5 extra special bonus points, Baby!

Bilbo: :) I totally understand.

rs27: This could explain your rampant popularity.

narm: Surely not with me! Say it isn't so!! *sniff* Maybe I'd be better left to my illusions.