19 July 2008

Gratitude/Home from Hospital

[The Sisters of Mercy take a break from ministering to the sick to enjoy a light refreshment at a neighborhood bistro.]

My cousin is happily at home again after about two weeks in the hospital.* Yes, this is the same cousin who told me the squirrel/ice cream story. And I am delighted to know that she is well enough to be discharged but also I believe that a hospital is one of the worst places to be ill.

I have nothing against her particular hospital or the no-doubt overworked nurses, techs, doctors, social workers, candy stripers**, etc. And this is not even a rant against the administrators. I'm sure they're all doing the best dang job they can. I just don't think hospitals are conducive to getting well.

They're absolutely a great place to go if you're having a baby or you've taken a baseball bat to the knee or your arm is suddenly bending in a direction in which it really ought not be bending.*** Short-term events. Anything more, though, and I can't help but think of the quote my late father's cardiologist told me:

"The longer you're in the hospital, the longer you're in the hospital."

Hospitals are not restful. On top of your being sick and anxious about being sick, there are machines beeping and lights flashing and people prodding you at odd hours.

As Allan Sherman sang so well:

"And if you're sleeping in the hospital because you're ill
Betcha the nurse will wake you up to take a sleeping pill"

And most experts (be they Eastern or Western) agree that sleep is healing for everything but concussions**** but you don't get much sleep in hospitals.

So the longer you're in the hospital, the longer you're in the hospital.

And that sucks.

So I'm thankful to the universe that she's home. That's it. Just thanks.

* That's "in hospital" for you Brits. I'm nothing if not international.

** Sucky job #311: I was a candy striper as a teen. Did you know there's no actual candy involved?! I was misled.

*** I have experienced one of these events. I'm not telling you which. I have to keep some mystery.

**** And polypeptides, if you are Fred Flinstone.


Bilbo said...

I've never understood why one should go to the hospital when sick. After all, everyone there is sick already. Send me someplace where everyone is well and having a good time, like a dance hall or a rocking bar or something. Sheesh... By the way, I'm looking for another award to give you for the most creative and extensive use of footnotes in a blog. You make me feel positively undersourced.

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

I was a candy striper too haha

Anyway I was in the hospital hell for a week for kidney stone hell gone wrong. I begged on day 5 to go home and I would take my meds and come back everyday for blood work.

Tina said...

I too was a Candy Striper. Man - wish I still had that uniform now. My hubby drives and ambulance - boy could we get up to some real trouble. btw - hospital beds are not condusive to um recreational activities.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Bilbo: I agree! The last thing you need when you're sick is more sick people. How depressing.

CH20210: Glad it was only a week. Sounds like a wise move to get out while you could under your own power.

Tina: Good to know. That's probably why you see so few squirrels in hospitals.

Tina said...

LOL - they call over eager EMT's "squirrels" you know.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Tina: I had NO idea! I guess I am tapped into the global interconnectedness after all.