14 July 2008

Stupid Conversations We Have Over and Over

Funny you should ask! Here's one:

A Blue Oyster Cult song will play on the radio.

Me: Seen 'em!

Hubby: Me, too!

Me, smugly: I saw 'em at Madison Square Garden.

Hubby, more smugly: You were in the nose bleeds. I was on the floor when I saw 'em.

Me, smugalicous: Madison. Square. Garden. Best venue EVER!

Hubby: Big, fat, hairy deal. At the distance you saw them they'd look the same anywhere. I had 4th row center seats! And you saw them when they were on that lame tour.

Me, singing: Oh, no, there goes Tokyo, Godzilla! They were great then!

Hubby: They were totally lame by the time you saw them.

Me, getting misty: Huge, glowing-eyed Godzilla on stage and everything.

Hubby: That you saw through your binoculars!

Me: You don't know.

Hubby: You don't know.

We've been together for a lot of years. This conversation happens every time Blue Oyster Cult is on the radio. Fortunately, that's not as often as it used to be. We're completely moronic about stuff like this. Unlike BOC, I can always see a reason to put up a fight...

I'm living for giving the devil his due... And I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you...

Did I mention I've seen 'em?


Bilbo said...

Wife (having dragged me along on a shopping expedition): holds up two dresses. Which one do you like better?

Me (pointing): that one.

Wife: why don't you like this one?

Me: I didn't say I didn't like it; you asked me which one I liked better.

Wife: yes, but why don't you like it?


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

Love it - I have these conversations with my friend I call the Buffet, he tries to one up me all the time.

Me: I went to SWAT School

Buffet: so, I was a Navy Diver and we are better.

Me: So, I can clear rooms with a machine gun. Do you shoot sharks or something

Buffet: I can go in a submarine and you can't


Narm said...

I've seen em too! But I am guessing opening up for Alice Cooper in Lima, OH doesn't count for much.

rs27 said...

I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell

lacochran's evil twin said...

Bilbo: Ah, the secret question within a question!

CH20210: Machine gun beats submarine. At least in every paper/rock/scissors/machinegun/submarine
I've ever played.

Narm: It counts. Just not as much.

rs27: More cowbell!!