18 July 2008

ZOWIEEEE? Not so much.

Speaking of Batman... Have you noticed the commercials for Domino's Pizza that have the Dark Knight tie-in? And the Pizza Hut commercials with the Incredible Hulk tie-in? Or maybe it's vice versa. My point: They're the weakest product tie-ins I've ever seen.

Remember when a product tie-in was a big deal?

If Burger King was doing a Star Wars tie-in, they'd have plastic wrapped Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia action figures included and they'd print bags depicting various scenes from the movie and there would be television and radio ads with light saber whooshing sounds and R2D2 bleeps and references to "the force".

But these latest commercials are so phoning it in. Tie-in? Try just plunked in.

Now for a limited time...

*shows image of standard pepperoni pizza*

Introducing the new Domino's Batman Pizza. It's a pizza. With a topping. Only $8.99. Um, Batman.


My sister, after completing one of his bestsellers, said about Grisham: He's a TERrible writer. Even you could have written that.

To paraphrase my sister: Even I could have written that ad campaign.


GreenCanary said...

Product tie-ins should have something to do with eachother... A commonality. Does Batman even EAT pizza? I doubt it... His butler probably makes him filet mignon every night.

Bilbo said...

For a while, I was considering approaching the producers of The Incredible Hulk to see if they would subsidize my dance lessons in exchange for advertising plugs ("You, too, can dance like a huge green monster!"). They didn't take me up on it, though. Bummer. I'll bet Batman does eat pizza, though...he just uses filet mignon and caviar as toppings.

Gilahi said...

Everybody eats pizza, whether they admit it or not.

See, Pizza Hut should take a cue from Lucky Charms and make the pepperoni bat-shaped.

anOCgirl said...

bat-shaped pepperoni on a pizza? OMG i would so buy that.

even better if the whole pizza is bat-shaped.

rs27 said...

you would SO buy a Batman pizza.

I know

lacochran's evil twin said...

Greencanary: Yeah!

Bilbo: Perhaps if you Hulk it up at the dance competition today they'll reconsider?

Gilahi: You've got ad exec written all over you! Now, THERE'S product tie-in.

Anocgirl: Absolutely!

rs27: *blush*