03 July 2008

Lifecycle of a Hit Song

First week: Is that a new song? Huh.

Second week: That's kinda catchy. Who does that song? Is that Rhianna?

Third week: I like that song. *sings chorus*

Fourth week: Wonder if I can find that new song I like. Is any station playing it? *scans until finding it*

Fifth week: That song is GREAT! *sings most of song and researches lyrics on the Internet*

Sixth week: I LOVE that song! What a great beat! *sings song*

Seventh week: Wow, every station is playing that song. *sings harmony part of song*

Eighth week: Man, they're playing that song to death! *taps rhythm*

Ninth week: What is this? Don't they have anything else to play?

Tenth week: Ugh! I am so SICK of that song!

Eleventh week: No, not that. I HATE that song!

Twelfth week: Huh, there's now a [country/rock/R&B] cover of that song. Now I can hate it in multiple genres.

Thirteenth week: Jeez, look at that. There's a commercial using that stupid song.

Fourteenth week: Oh, great. Now people on the metro have that horrible song for their ring tones.

Fifteenth week: Man, that awards show is featuring a performance of that #%@ing song.

Sixteenth week: If I hear that song one more time, I'm gonna scream!

Seventeenth week: I'm NOT listening to that! *switches station* Hey, is that a new song?


Alexa said...

you are so right!


Sean said...

89th week - I haven't heard this song in such a long time. What a great song!

Gilahi said...

Do they still actually play new songs for 11 weeks? I would've thought it was a matter of hours.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Alexa: :) Thanks.

Sean: It's true! Good addition.

Gilahi: It feels like Top 40 (which isn't a huge number to begin with) has become Top 10 and they just cycle through the same stuff over and over for way too long. Maybe it just feels like 11 (or 17 but who's counting) weeks.

WordNerd said...

Heh, too true. Something I don't experience much anymore as I'm completely dependent on my iPod and constantly muttering about the kinds of songs kids are listening to these days.

Bilbo said...

You must have been thinking about the REM song "Losing My Religion" when you wrote this. I loved that song, except for the fact that it was played sixteen times an hour for what seemed like an eternity.

lacochran said...

wordnerd: I am a luddite and still listen to my radio in the car.

Bilbo: Name a top 40 hit that ISN'T played to death!

GreenCanary said...

That's why I got XM, except they play the same songs over and over and over too. Stupid XM.

lacochran said...

Green: So you have 10,000 channels playing the same songs over and over again? Hm.