10 July 2008

"I want you to hold it between your knees." --Robert Dupea

We dined with friends at Bistrot du Coin. Generally speaking it was a very positive experience. Except for this weird little sequence...

The appetizers are delivered by someone other than our waitress. Since hubby and I are sharing an appetizer, I ask this server if he can please bring plates.

He says: One moment.

We never see him again.

Hubby and I look at the tasty-looking appetizer. We look at each other. We look at the appetizer. We look around the restaurant.

Moments pass.

Then, the woman who brought us water and bread--also not our waitress--appears next to me.

She asks: Is everything alright?

I say: Yes, it looks wonderful. We just need plates, please.

Hubby says: We asked the fellow that brought this but... we're still waiting.

She says: Plates, yes.

We never see her again.

We look at the appetizer. We look at each other. We consider recreating the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp but decide against it. We look around the restaurant.

Moments pass.

Our waitress comes by.

She smiles and asks: Is everything alright?

Me: Yes, but we need some plates.

Indignantly, she responds: Did you ask??

Un-flippin-believable. But true. Yeah, that's the response I was looking for. Did I ask! Did I ask!! Cheez. I shouldn't have to ask for something like plates in a restaurant (it's not Greencanary's place, after all) but given that the plates didn't materialize AND we've made two requests before this, she's adding insult to injury by giving us 'tude.

She did bring us plates and the food was quite good and reasonably priced. They have a whole section of the menu devoted to mussels that you can get in half or whole portions!

Aside from this glitch, we liked the place. Exotica bonus: they have a Foosball table upstairs by the restrooms!


Bilbo said...

Did the decor include Diebenkorns on the walls?

Narm said...

Whoa - an entire section for mussels? You can give me all the tude you want for that.

rs27 said...

You know they were in the back laughing at you.

"They want plates! HAHAHA. Idiots!"

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Based on the waitress's incredulity, it's obvious that she knew you asked, but that you didn't ask in the right way. That's what she meant when she said, "Did you ask?"

Remember: This is Washington. You're suppose to know which way is the Bistro du Coin way of asking. You were obviously using the California Pizza Kitchen way of asking. BIG difference.

I hope we don't have to have this little chat again. I mean, really.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Bilbo: No! THAT'S what was missing! Diebenkorn!

Narm: It was pretty dang amazing.

rs27: Bastards!

J.M.: I fear it's worse than that. I think I used the Taco Bell way of asking. Eep.