22 July 2008

Scarf Toners Anonymous

Sleeveless evening dress + 46 year old = Time to start toning the arms*

Nobody wants to see batwing arms:

So I work out with Margaret Richards, who is a vixen at the tender age of 115 and whips my butt every time I work out with her. And I work out with Leisa*** Hart but I feel a bit goofy waving a scarf around, as part of her DVD encourages. Scarves are pretty. They're good for holding down hair if it is 1950 and you are in a convertible on the Riviera. But for toning arms? I'm not so sure.

Which brings me to today's burning question: Do they still have that dance-with-a-ribbon competition in the Olympics? And, if so, why? How is this a sport? This seems almost as goofy as curling. Am I right here? Anybody?

* Yet another reason why I needs two months prep time.

** Who wants to bet Capitol Hill 20210 has and rocks this outfit, bat aficionado that she is?

*** Yes, she spells her name that way. No, I don't know why. I've never understood the need for goofy spellings. ...

Hi, what's your name?
Bob. It's spelled B-o-w-b-b.
Um, sure.


Narm said...

That bat girl is kinda hot. Maybe batwing arms will be the next new trend.

lacochran's evil twin said...

From your mouth to god's ears.

GreenCanary said...

I had one of those ribbon things as a child. Due to my overwhelming lack of coordination, I almost noosed myself with it. It was around that time that my parents stopped making me play sports.

GreenCanary said...

P.S. It's called Rhythmic Gymnastics! Holla!

lacochran said...

Pictures! We need pictures! But is this a real sport in your mind? Olympic worthy??

Tina said...

Scarf toning? Sounds like that goofy "inner goddess" workout my friend keeps trying to talk me into.

They had us do that ribbon thing way back in elementary school gym class - not much of a sport from what I recall.

lacochran said...

Inner Goddess? Is that what they were talking about in Fried Green Tomatoes with the mirrors?

Dang, all we got was dodgeball.

Gilahi said...

Yah, I think the Olympic Ribbon Dancing thingy comes on the heels of the Olympic How Many Plates Can You Keep Spinning On The Tops Of Long Poles (OHMPCYKSOTTOLP, to the afficionados) thingy.

lacochran said...

OHMPCYKSOTTOLP. I believe that's the noise made when you open those bat wings.

rs27 said...

Who doesn't want to wear the ribbon?

lacochran said...

Is it choo? Choo vill not vear the ribbon??

restaurantrefugee said...

Curling is a lot harder than you think and is much more of a sport. Clear points scored, empirical winners, and no one gets screwed over by the East German Judge*.

*Yes, I know Germany is no longer divided, but the line is funnier that way**.
**I dig the annotations*** at the end of your posts.
***They remind me of a chocolate truffle**** at the end of a really good meal.
****Even though you know it is coming, it is still a pleasant surprise.

lacochran said...

restaurantrefugee: Even the people with the brooms who go ahead of the pusher person*? This is sport?

* Hope my technical jargon didn't throw you.**

** And thanks for the feedback. *scuffs toe* Your blog is purty, too.