09 July 2008

(The crowd goes wild:) Die-ben-korn! Die-ben-korn! Die-ben-korn!

We met dear friends at the Phillips Collection to see the Diebenkorn (I'm told it's pronounced DEE-BEN-CORN) exhibit and then had a tasty, if somewhat slack serviced, dinner at Bistrot du Coin.

I was not overwhelmed by the Diebenkorn exhibit. I wasn't even whelmed by the Diebenkorn exhibit. Some of the other exhibits were good (Jacob Lawrence's migration series, Brett Weston's dramatic photos) but the Diebenkorns left me cold.

The thing is, if you look up Diebenkorn's work on the interwebs, you find some interesting stuff. Not so much the case for what the Phillips showed of Diebenkorn. I began to wonder if Diebenkorn's people had a falling out with the Phillips people.

Diebenkorn's People #1: What? Not those annoying Phillips people again. They have some nerve asking for art to exhibit. They never returned that gravy ladle they borrowed for Thanksgiving, 1992. The hell with them. We're Diebenkorn, dammit.

Diebenkorn's People #2: But they're on the phone! What should I say? "No"? "You can't have any Diebenkorn"?

Diebenkorn's People #1: *gleam in eye* Oh, we'll give 'em some Diebenkorn. Yeah, we'll give 'em Diebenkorn. In fact, tell 'em we're providing a rare collection of Diebenkorn especially for them. They'll love that.

Diebenkorn's People #2: Okaaaaaaaaaayyyy...

Diebenkorn's People #1: Then give 'em what's in storage room #8.

Diebenkorn's People #2: #8?? You mean #7. #8 is the burn room.

Diebenkorn's People #1: I know what I mean.

Diebenkorn's People #2: But boss...

Diebenkorn's People #1: Just do it!

So, if the exhibit was so lack luster, why am I writing about Diebenkorn? I'll tell you why: Because it's a great name! I love it.


How great is that?!

I love it so much, I've worked it into this post as much as I thought you'd let me get away with.

It's fun! Try it: Die-ben-korn. See?!

Diebenkorn. Diebenkorn. Diebenkorn. Diebenkorn. Diebenkorn.

*stands quietly for a moment*

*runs a block away and swings back with a Marty Feldman grin* DIEBENKORN!


Kristin said...

Sputtering with laughter into my corn flakes now or I would be, if I had corn flakes. (They just seem a perfect compliment for the name.)

Bilbo said...

Ah, lacochran, nobody can get as much mileage out of a word as you can. You might be interested to know that "Diebenkorn" could be loosely translated from German as "Thieves' Schnapps." As for me, my current favorite word is "pismire," especially when drawled out in W.C. Fields fashion, as in "you miserable pizzzzmyyyyyyeeeeerrrrr."

Bridal Bird said...

Oh there is nothing like a conjured art skit for a gray Wednesday morning. Love!

GreenCanary said...

I wish I had something funny to say in response to this post, but all I can think of is corn. And corn's not funny. Corny, maybe, but not funny.

(See? So not funny.)

rs27 said...

Why is not Die-Ben-Korn?

That would be grim

Narm said...


I just wanted to fit in.

Gilahi said...

This made me think of the opening to the classic Def Leppard song: "Gunter glieben glauchen globen"


Dixie said...

All I can think of is Beetlejuice. I'm afraid of summoning the spirit of Diebenkorn if I say the name too much.

lacochran said...

kristin: Diebenkorn, now with extra korn!

bilbo: Diebenkorn Pismire... I think I knew him in high school.

bridal bird: Happy Diebenkorn to Diebenkorn help. Diebenkorn.

Greencanary: The Diebenkorn is as high as an elephant's eye!

rs27: Ask not "Why is not..." Diebenkorn. It Diebenkorn's for thee.

narm: :) There's enough Diebenkorn for everyone!

gilahi: It's better to Diebenkorn than fade away!

dixie: [In the afterlife waiting room] Receptionist: Number fifty-four million six hundred and one... Diebenkorn.