05 July 2008

Blogging & Geocaching Parallels

I've been thinking about open (unmoderated, unlimited) blogging and geocaching and how they're similar.

To me, blogging is virtual geocaching. Sure, with geocaching, you get to explore an actual place and take in the fresh air and scenery (good stuff!) but, other than that, there's a lot of parallels.

Check it...

In both:

  • you decide to create something for the public that you hope is unique
  • you put it in a public spot
  • you try to put cool/interesting things in it, some with particular meaning to you
  • you leave clues to where it is
  • you may explicitly tell some people that it exists but not others
  • people who know you may suspect you've set it up and go looking for it
  • people who do or don't know you may accidentally stumble upon it
  • different people take different things from it
  • different people leave different things in it
  • not everybody identifies themselves so you don't always know who's stopped by
  • different ones appeal to different people
  • you can go back to it and look at how it's evolved
  • you don't control who visits or what they take or leave*
  • you need to have just a smidgen of tech savvy
  • you can meet really interesting people doing it
  • it's pretty cool to know you're part of a universe that some people know about and others don't
* Okay, you can delete what people leave in comments but most of the time they're upping the "treasure" content.


BoggyWoggy said...

Hello from a fellow blogger/geocacher. Your ideas are profound, but, I have to say that the caches I hide are absolutely for entertainment. My blogs, however, are for others to learn, think over, and may change their lives! Bwah-hah-hah-hah! Snort, snort!

Bilbo said...

What a masterpiece of overanalysis! I'll never think of my blog the same way again...but I surely do agree with your point about meeting really interesting people!

lacochran said...

BoggyWoggy: I bow before your bloggocity. Snort!

Bilbo: Overanalysis? Hmph. BoggyWoggy said my ideas are profound!

GreenCanary said...

We should start a blogger gecache hunt/contest.

lacochran said...

Sounds like fun, if someone else wants to organize it. Sean and I are still working out the last contest. :)