19 March 2008

Fall in to the Gap

I haven't shopped in a GAP store in years but this weekend I found myself with extra time and a GAP gift credit burning a hole in my wallet so I went to the GAP in Fair Oaks Mall and decided to see if I could spend that credit.

I picked out a few things to try on and headed to the dressing room where I found a brilliant idea inside:

There, on the wall, was a call button that read "another size? different color? press here".

I was flabbergasted!

You mean I didn't have to get totally dressed again, gather up all my stuff and hike back to the racks to change my Small sweater to a Medium?

You mean as soon as I had my top half-way pulled up over my head, I didn't have to hear a saleswoman bang on the door and demand to know "How's it going in there?!?" with all the charm of an INS agent about to do a raid?

You mean I didn't have to get into discussions on style with a seventeen-year-old sales girl who'd rather keep texting her friends than help me? How many times have I experienced the following:

"Hello? ...HelloOOoo?"
"Did you need something?"
"Hi. Can I get this in a larger size, please?"
"That looks good on you. Great color." She says, looking at her nails.
"Um, it spans across here."
"Um, can you get me a larger size, please? This really doesn't look good."
"Um, I wear them like that."

Well, maybe the button won't solve that problem.

But it will get you salesperson attention only when you request it. Such a simple and wonderful thing! Kudos to the GAP!

Why isn't this button in every dressing room in America? Inquiring minds want to know!


Meeg said...

That is cool. I've become all about getting the sales assistant to get the different size for me rather than getting dressed and leaving the dressing room to get it myself. But then sometimes you like stick your head out and can't find anyone...
Also, have you noticed how the sizes in the Gap run crazy big?

lacochran's evil twin said...

I hadn't noticed it particularly about the GAP but I can believe it. I tend to eyeball the clothes more than go by sizes as they range so dramatically from brand to brand and store to store.

Thanks for your comment,

Marissa said...

Hey, great blog! This one is spot on. I hate annoying sales people. I used to work at a Banana Republic parttime and made an effort not to be annoying or lie about how stuff looked. I did, however, to a fair amount of texting...and then I finally finagled a stock position where I got to sit in the backroom listening to music and doing crosswords.

Anyway, I think I have to go YouTube that old SNL sketch about the Gap girls now.

lacochran's evil twin said...

You've got "Banana Republic executive potential" written all over you. :)

Thanks for your comment!