27 March 2008

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named...

When you're home, sick, you spend a lot of time surfing the TV. Well, I do. I have enough fever that it makes it hard to focus on anything important but standard TV fare works fine. In fact, as I write this, "McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force" is running on AMC. Okay, even I'm not that lame. But you get the idea of the fine entertainment fare I am encountering.

When I was a young'n, long before the Biography Channel existed, there would occasionally be biographies on TV. I liked them. It was always someone inspirational. Someone who had overcome adversity. Someone who had become a world leader or a legendary celebrity. Someone who had a tremendous legacy.

So last night, as I was hacking and snorting (which led to more hacking and repeated blowing), I paused to see what magnificently inspirational legend the Biography Channel was showcasing... Bob Saget.

I kid you not.

Now, I know it must be hard to fill 24 hours of air time with biographies. You run out of A-listers quickly. Your Maya Angelous, Louie Pasteurs, and Danny Kayes cycle through in no time.

But Bob Saget?



This is the fine story you wish to relate?

I think not, Biography Channel. I think not.

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