20 March 2008

"She's Come Undone"--The Guess Who

A couple years ago, I took a resiliency class, in which you tried to understand what resiliency was, how resilient you were, and how to improve your resiliency in these increasingly difficult times. At the end of the class, each participant received a multi-colored rubber band ball, as a symbol of resiliency (flexibility, bouncing back, ...you can stretch the allusion all you want [pun intended.]) Aside from tossing it in the air or against my office wall once in a blue moon, my rubber band ball sat on my lovely, faux-wood table.

Then recently I looked at it and saw this:

The ball has come undone. All on its own. It decided it could no longer be resilient and shed its outermost layer like a snake.

Is this a sign from the universe?

Are the changes and challenges in our daily lives too much?

Is it global warming?

A right- or left-wing conspiracy?

Infiltrating infidels?

I don't know. My office may no longer be a safe place. Yeah, that's the ticket--er, I mean, I'm monitoring this situation carefully... from a safe distance, of course, before it's too late.

Stay low and God Bless the United States of America.

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