27 November 2007

The Thanksgiving Miracle (Disaronno follow up)

I'd like to express my gratitude.

I never expected to see change so quickly after my last post.

I have heard a report that the Disaronno people are once again showing the commercial in full. At least that's the rumor. *sniff* I'm so proud of each and every one of you that got out there *sniff**dab* on the picket line *sniff**honk**sniff* in front of your neighborhood liquor store and in front of Disaronno headquarters and brought about this change. *raises fist in air* It is truly a testament to the power of the people. *pumps fist* You *point* have brought back the sexy bartender money shot! Bless you, each and every one!

21 November 2007

Boycott Disaronno

So you're familiar with the long running Amaretto Disaronno "Pass the Pleasure Around" ad campaign? You know the one with the ice-sucking skinny white woman and the hot bartender? Well, this year, they're running the ads again but they've cut the final shot of the bartender--you know, the money shot--where his pupils dilate and his face breaks into this fantastic smile? It's gone. Now they close with her without his reaction. Who needs that? I say boycott the company until they get the message and reinstate the sexy reaction shot. After all, if we don't speak out about what's important, what's the point of being in this country?

19 November 2007

Niche Marketing at IHOP

So, most restaurants are responding to the obesity epidemic by developing small plates/tapas menus, weight watchers compatible options, heart healthy options, etc. Remember Krispy Kreme with the whole wheat donut?

Not IHOP. There latest brainstorm is to introduce pumpkin, carrot cake and cheesecake pancakes! Pancakes aren't sweet enough. We need carrot cake pancakes! Jeez, what's the calorie and fat count on these? And do people throw on the syrup, too?

The mind, she boggles.

15 November 2007

Restaurant Review: Jaipur

We had the pleasure of Saturday lunch at Jaipur in Fairfax. If you weren't looking for the restaurant, you might easily drive by it. It is located on the ground floor of an apartment building and the facade is very simple and unassuming. But step inside and be transported!

Ambiance: There's plenty of space in this multi-room, very popular restaurant. The decoration is intentionally in pink tones in honor of "the pink city" and connotes a level of comfort that is very pleasant--layered tablecloths, comfortable seating, wall decorations that take you to Jaipur and make you feel welcome. The only exception to the decor was the freakish marionettes in the lobby/bar area that I couldn't resist getting a photo of. Distinctive--I'll give 'em that. The dress code? None that I could see. 25/30.

Service: Although this was a buffet, the service was very attentive and without flaw. The hot naan came immediately. The drinks came promptly and correctly. The plates were cleared quickly. The food on the buffet was always fresh, plentiful and presented attractively. 27/30.

Food: Jaipur had the largest variety I've ever seen on an Indian buffet and everything we had was tasty. Salad, desserts, fruit, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, classics and some things that were new to me. They aren't afraid to use spices here and the result is wonderful. I particularly liked what I would refer to as barbecue shrimp but it was all good and the different flavors worked well together. The only weak element was the samosas which were flavored adequately but grew tough from sitting out. 27/30.

Vegetarian: Good options including a spinach dish, a potato dish, a very spicy cabbage dish, dal, etc. 27/30.

Cost: Incredibly reasonable. $11.95 per person for unlimited buffet! This has got to be the best deal in town! 30/30.

Bonus: Plenty of free parking. +2

Overall: If you are looking for many Indian options for not a lot of money, Jaipur is an inviting place to go. 27/30.

13 November 2007

Yamato Drummers

With a massive six-foot diameter drum made from a 400-year-old tree as their centerpiece, the highly skilled musicians of YAMATO play 40 taikos of various sizes, blending phenomenally powerful and dramatic drumming with music of delicate beauty and humor. Athleticism, superhuman feats of coordination and incredible intensity are the trademarks of this irresistible ensemble.
Despite a fever, I ventured out to see the Yamato drummers at Lisner Sunday night and was not disappointed even a little bit. They were AMAZING! The synchronicity and power with which they played these drums was stunning. Wonderful layered rhythms and exuberant spirit, enveloped us. A great time! I recommend this troupe very highly if they come your way!

07 November 2007

Bumper Sticker/Sacrifice

I am behind a car and the bumper sticker reads: "Jesus died for me and you" and the first thing I notice is that the statement is broken into two lines: "Jesus died for me" on top and centered underneath it is "and you" AND the top line is larger than the bottom line, as if to say "Jesus died for me. ...Oh, and you, too... of course... I guess... Mostly me, but some you, sure." What exactly IS the message here?? I find this amusing but then I'm not of the Christian persuasion so I can't very well take it personally. There may well be another way to interpret this. Anyone in the club want to enlighten me?*

I've never understood the whole sacrifice one life for the benefit of others concept. Make sacrifices of time, energy, money, food, sure! But life?

Christians don't have a lock on this concept. Jews have it as referenced in the Abraham/Isaac story, which never made sense to me either. What kind of god wants a human sacrifice? And is this a god I want to follow? I mean no offense. It literally never gelled for me intellectually. I couldn't reconcile it.

And in light of all the suicide bombers of late in the Muslim world, it makes even less sense to me.

Don't die for me. Don't even live for me. Do for yourself and if you want to help out, that's great. Be friendly. Reach out. Don't die. That doesn't help me. No matter what size font you use.

* Note: This is not an invitation to proselytise.

06 November 2007

How Good Are You? The Eye of The Tiger

I heard an ad for lasik surgery this morning on the radio. It was Tiger Woods talking about how he had gone to company X for lasik surgery and what a great job they did.

I got to thinking, even if I were a terrific surgeon, would I operate on Tiger Woods? Suppose something went wrong... nobody is perfect and even if the surgeon is perfect some factors are beyond his/her control. What if Tiger's eyes were worse after the surgery? What if he lost his depth perception? Can you imagine how much money in lost income he'd be entitled to? The mind, she boggles. Can you imagine the insurance this company has to carry and the waivers they require patients to sign?

But get it right and you have Tiger doing commercials--very effective commercials--for you!

04 November 2007

5 More Things I'm Grateful For

1. Appropriately thick air
2. Grapefruit seed extract
3. Kind neighbors
4. Going out of business sales at holiday time
5. The smell of roasted nuts

02 November 2007

Leaving Denver/Feeling Secure

As I drive to the airport I see a sign on the side of the highway that reads "Correctional Facility" in big letters and underneath it the words "Please do not pick up hitchhikers"
Talk about knowing your weaknesses and working the liability aspects! Needless to say, I kept driving.

Then at the airport I am sitting waiting for my plane to be announced and there is a message informing me that the national security level has been raised to orange. I think "Is this new? Was it raised recently or like two years ago?" I realize I am not in touch with my national security level. I realize this does not matter.