27 June 2015

"Go on and write me up for 125, Post my face, wanted dead or alive, Take my license, all that jive, I can't drive 55" --Sammy Hagar

I saw this as I was driving through DC and snapped a photo. It explains so much, doncha think?

I was raised in the 'burbs of Baltimore and there are times I head back there to see my cousins. I always notice the difference in level of aggression between the Washington beltway and the Baltimore beltway.  Mind you, they are geographically within an hour of each other but a million miles away from each other, in every other respect. In DC traffic, I bob and weave, lead-footed, never hesitating to give as good as I get. When I hit Baltimore, I suddenly feel like I'm hip-checking granny and her tapping white cane out of my way.

Question du annĂ©e:  Do you ever drive the speed limit?  

You know, when there's no cop around.

C'mon, it'll just be between us. Whisper it in my ear (over the roar of the accelerator.)