13 March 2008

Talents That Nobody Pays You For

I have discovered that I have two talents that may be somewhat unique but are worthless as money-makers:

1) I can often identify celebrity voices when I hear them. In fact, I often identify someone by their voice long before I recognize them by their appearance. This is not something I brag about to friends because invariably I get tested and fail miserably. I do not know every celebrity or singer in the world, people! The ones I know, I can identify more often than not, and certainly more often than other people. That's all I'm saying, so back off.

2) I have been developing a knack for identifying makes of booze by viewing the bottles lined up on shelves across the room based on their shape/color. I don't think this is an extraordinary gift so much as just that I've spent perhaps a wee bit too much time in bars. Yeah, that might be it.

So far, neither of these talents seem to be leading to the end of world hunger or anything equally useful. So perhaps I should focus on entertainment value.

How about a little soft shoe...


brad said...

can't say i've honed your second talent yet. but i definitely am the only one of my friends who seems to notice that Queen Latifah voices Pizza Hut commercials, Julia Roberts voices AOL spots, and Kevin Spacey helps sell Hondas.

lacochran's evil twin said...

See?! Isn't that a cool skill that nobody else cares about? :)

Thanks for your comment.