28 October 2010

"I don't want to work, I just want to bang on the drum all day" --Todd Rundgren

Busybusybusy. The little squirrel in my brain is freaking out over the volume of work lately. She's shaking her furry fist at the world and downing a few too many acorn martinis. Worse, she can't seem to focus long enough to crank out a blog post.*

So, more flotsam:

  • Speaking of squirrels, the black squirrels are finally showing up in my neighborhood. Way cool, right?! So far? A very peaceful integration.
  • Really? Sara Rue losing 50 pounds isn't significant enough? They have to enlarge her 'before' picture cut-out such that she looks short next to her former self? Please.
  • Is it wrong to love an appliance? Ew, not like that, people. No! We got a new refrigerator and it's sooooo purty! And, unlike the old one, it doesn't make ominous noises like a Wes Craven movie. It just quietly cools. Mmmmm.
  • Speaking of annoying television (redundant much?) , have you seen this commercial?

Literally? Literally? That would be: no. I begin to think people have no effin' clue as to what that word means. And stuff like this? Not so helpful. As the Hubs says, it's kind of like a company that makes educational toys intentionally misspelling their name: PlaySkool. Not so helpful.

  • Bazillion dollar idea: Wine pairings with junk food. They already pair wine with chocolate. And dessert wines with...well... your fancy type desserts. But which Eiswein goes with Twinkies? Which Zinfandel stands up to your First Degree Burn Doritos Jalapeno Flavored chips? Which box of Chardonnay is going to truly bring out the flavor of your Sour Patch Kids? THIS is what America needs to know.

* Why are you looking at me? *points back to squirrel*

18 October 2010

"These are things that I don't understand" --Coldplay

[Men at work.]

Today, I was walking to my car in a parking lot. This is where, if this were a TV after-school special (do they still have those?) or a Lifetime movie (can I tell you how much I hate Lifetime movies? They should call Lifetime the Victim channel), the menacing music would kick in. But, no, it was a bright, sunny day. No ominous soundtrack.

As I walked, I noticed that there were a couple clusters of men on break from a construction project. They were sitting in two clumps, on the grass, in the shade, chatting. (Question du jour #1: Do men chat? Or is that strictly a female word? Like "gossip", "bitch", "fallopian"...*rolls eyes*)

All but two guys, that is. Two guys, that matched the group in work outfit and general demeanor, were sort of meandering through the parking lot, a few cars away from each other. They were checking doors and trunks on various cars, and finding them locked. I paused and watched them for a moment. They didn't seem to notice/care that I was watching.

Questions du jour #2 & 3: What would you assume these guys were doing? What would you do if you saw this behavior?