05 March 2008

"I AM an Animal"/Focusing

There are people that walk down my hall at work and keep their eyes focused ahead of them, presumably staying trained on wherever they are headed. There are people that walk down my hall at work and peer into every office they pass. What's up with that?! Makes me feel like an exhibit at the zoo!

If you're going to stare at me, at least throw me some peanuts or popcorn. I may be inspired to do something entertaining. You know, beyond the usual butt scratching and feces throwing. Ook, ook.

Speaking of eye focusing, I went to the neighborhood eye doctor for a check up yesterday.

The bad news: she gave me a serving of "of course your vision is beginning to deteriorate, you're in your 40s" topped off with "it'll only get worse from here."

The good news: I can still see 20/20 even though the words aren't as crisp as I'd like them to be.

More good news: I don't have glaucoma.

Extra special bonus: She didn't dilate my eyes. Apparently, that's not always the standard these days. The equipment and the doctors have gotten better at peering into your eyes without dilating them. So that was way cool.

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