27 December 2010

"Who's with me?" --Bluto, Animal House

So many bloggers take this time of year to sum up; to review. This year is no exception. I've seen a number of bloggers wax on about the year they've had--the ups, the downs, and what's made the most impact on them in 2010. I keep replaying the year and one word comes back to me, over and over again. One word haunts me like a Justin Bieber melody. One word, People:


How is it that this SyFy channel original didn't make any of the top 10 movie lists for the year? It's a shammockery! We must get that do-nothing congress and that fetching but lackadaisical supreme court to take action on this promptly. This will not stand!

Who's with me? Loud and proud now:

(to the tune of "At-ti-ca! At-ti-ca!...")

Sharktopus! Sharktopus!...

02 December 2010

"I'm sick but I'm pretty, Baby" --Alanis Morissette

Hi there. I'm writing you from bed. Because I'm waaaay sexy that way.

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm sick.

Why are you holding a bowl of mashed potatoes and a cat o' nine tails?

No, I don't mean sick. *perverted hand gesture* I mean sick. *pathetic face* *

I have a cold. I've had all the popular symptoms: the clogged ear, the scratchy throat, the muzzy eyes, the sneezing, the nose like a faucet, and now the congestion and low-grade fever. Niiiiice. Happy Chanukah to me.

Speaking of Chanukah, I'm not sure Walmart is clear on the concept...


I have to get rid of this cold toot sweet as we've booked a trip to St. Thomas for a friend's wedding and it is fast approaching. At least, thanks to Pardis Parker, I feel secure...

I've taken a few security classes through the years (both cyber and personal) and one of the key things they stress is the illusion of safety. The idea is that you can't plan for all possible threats but you can put in some safeguards and provide the appearance that you're paying attention.

Which brings us to the question du jour: Do you feel safer thanks to the TSA?

* Awwww, you're adorable when you pout. And you get extra points for keeping the potatoes warm.