21 March 2014

"Now, I don't know... I don't know" --Jimmy Buffett

Oh, hai.

I've been traveling some.

Got to see Vanna and Pat do their thing in L.A. in January. Yeah, L.A. in L. A... Seems like they would have thrown a parade or something, right? Not so much. I did get a free light up W.o.F. pin, though. Also? Vanna really is that beautiful. Still.

And last month in the midst of the snow-lashings, we spent 5 days with friends in steamy (80+% humidity) Key West. Hey, that's not a weather complaint, just a fact. I'll take balmy any day! Plus, ya gotta love those six-toed Hemingway cats:

So, yeah, I've seen some wondrous sights of late. But in the Key West hotel, I noticed this thingamabob between the door and the TV. See it?

Here's a closer view...

My question is: What the hell is that??

The other thing I've been doing lately is deleting. I'm spending a lot of time deleting all the second spaces after all the periods that I can't help but type because, goshdernit, that's the way I was taught as a youngin. Anybody else doing this??