28 December 2011

"Working for the man every night and day" --Tina Turner

So, in some misguided attempt to prepare for a job I thought I might like to do in retirement, I took a second job.

5 Reasons I'm Grateful I'm Now Working a Second Job

1.  It's humbling.  Where I know a whole lot about Job 1 or have been faking it so long everyone thinks I do, EVERYTHING about Job 2 is new.  This means I'm making mistakes and saying "Um, I don't know but let me find out" A LOT.  Plus, a few Urkel-worthy Did I do that??s.  Really, this is amazingly good for me because 'groveling, obsequious idiot' is much preferable to 'snotty, condescending jackass'.

2.  It's making me appreciative.  Suddenly, Job 1's perks look a lot perkier.
3.  Lack of boredom or insomnia.  Working 7 days a week means never having to wonder what to do with all that pesky free time.  Sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of a sent

4.  I don't take my husband for granted.*  Sometimes I get to see Hubs for a few hours and it's quite delightful!  No, really!  I still remember what he looks like so I can pick him out in a crowd.  So, you know... that's nice.

5.  Extra cash.  I didn't take this job for the money, and it's a good thing since the pay stinks, but on top of Job 1's salary, it's really nice to get a second paycheck.  PLUS, I'm making commissions and I even got a holiday bonus for the first time EVAH!  Ca-ching!

On the downside, it means I don't get to hang out with my friends much and blogging has evaporated.  I miss them.  And it.  And you.  But, in about a month, I'll stop working Sundays and maybe get to luxuriate in activities like doing laundry.

Which brings us to the question du jour:  Fabric softener:  Manna from heaven or the devil's plaything?  Discuss.

Wishing you a joyful 2012,

L A Cochran

* As much.