02 June 2008

Can't Resist a Theme

Here, a photo of a plumber who's on top of his work.

Other crappy things... [if you're not up for negativity skip to the last paragraph]

We saw the latest Indiana Jones flick this weekend. [No real spoilers ahead.] Uccchhh. Talk about phoning it in. Where were the witty bits? Where was the clever dialogue? The only folks who delivered on this movie were the stunt and special effects people and they must have been sopping up the overtime because that's all this movie was from beginning to end. Where Cate Blanchett looked fetching in her soviet issue gray, I kept expecting her to talk about "moose and squirrel", such was her over-the-top accent. The rest, including Harry, were pretty lack-luster. And you'd think after 20 years, Indy could buy a new, non-sweat-stained shirt. I guess superheroes need their uniforms. Still, I do wish this whole movie had had more substance. There's suspending disbelief and then there's cartoonish with a capital BOINGGG!

We also took in a few floors of Artomatic. This is an interesting concept: 1,000 artists, 10 floors and heaven knows I like a free art show with multiple bars. Like I said: great concept. But you get what you pay for. This is not a juried show. It's first come, first served. There are so many people who think their creations are stellar and they are so wrong. Sorry, but SO, SO WRONG. This becomes the American Idol of Washington art, with 98% landing in the William Hung "A for effort but F for implementation" category, and I guess I get to be the mean judge because "That was ab-so-lute-ly dreadful!" There were very good artists mixed in but it was depressing how much was lousy or simply there for shock quality. Art can be shocking but just because something is shocking doesn't mean it's art.

To end on a grateful note: We got to La Tasca for tapas and vino. Lovely. Not crappy at all. They have 1/2 price bottles of wine on Sunday and we very much enjoyed the Nessa Albarino.


Narm said...

Agree on the Indy Jones. Went in not expecting much and still managed to be disappointed. I understand it is supposed to be unbelievable but the fridge thing was a little much.

rs27 said...

William Hung gets at A for effort?

I wish you were my teacher.

Kristin said...

Hmmmm... A half-priced bottle of wine sounds good.

lacochran's evil twin said...

narm: Yeah, you're probably right but just in case I'm spending all my free time inside my refrigerator. Can't be to careful in DC.

rs27: True, it's more earnestness than effort. But have you heard his "Rocket Man"? Genius.

Kristin: And it was!

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Okay, you're like the 20th person to write about the latest Indiana Jones movie and say it's awful. A few reviews ago, I decided this would be a matinee flick. A few more reviews later, I moved it to the dollar theater at GMU. Several more and I relegated it to the Netflix queue. Now I'm think, why waste two hours of my life I'll never get back?

Thanks for helping with that decision. La Tasca: Yum!

lacochran said...

J.M.: My love for H.F. is still fierce but this movie truly did suck. Sorry. Put it on your Netflix queue behind Ishtar.

morninglight mama said...

HA! I posted that pic the other day, too-- it totally cracked me up!

lacochran said...

M.M.: It classes up my website. :)