12 June 2008


(A picture of someone refusing to be intimidated by an angry tomato. "Go! Angry Tomato!")

Sigh. I love tomatoes. Love 'em. And now I have to eye them suspiciously. Thanks, Salmonella! Thanks, a lot. You have to spoil it for everyone, don't you? Do you stick your gum under the metro seats, too??

How cooked is cooked enough?? Do I have to worry about my new jar of cocktail sauce which contains tomato products? How long will I have the song from "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" running through my head? AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGG!

Thank god for the little cherry and pear tomatoes. NOMNOMNOM.


Bilbo said...

I'll let you know when my tomato plants start producing...

lacochran said...


Nothin' better than home grown tomatoes!

Now, more than ever.

Jamie said...

Most storebought tomatoes taste like a decomposing nerf ball, anyway. I just planted a bunch of tomato plants in my front yard. I wonder if tomatoes grown in DC sidewalk soil and nurtured with the beer cans and other trash that appears there nightly, will turn out to be less risky (or more tasty) than storebought ones infected by cousin Sal.

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

Homegrown tomatos are awesome - nice and red yummmy

I love a nice grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, some think that is gross, I find it yum - Hooters actually makes a good one seriously

j.m. tewkesbury said...

I keep calling my dad and asking, "Are the tomatoes ready yet?" I'm so glad he grows his own. Even without salmonella, his are better than anything I've ever found in a store or farmer's market.

Tomatoes: YUMMY!

lacochran said...

Jamie: Actually, I've been impressed with the tomatoes in the last year or two in the stores. I go by color and texture and smell and I'll pop for the extra coin for the vine-on if that's what it takes to get a non-nerfy tomato.

CH20210: I'm getting hungry. Doesn't mean I'll support Hooters but I may have to make myself a yummy grill cheese!

JM: Amen!