17 June 2008

I Liked Joe Isuzu Better

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And now on to today's post joined already in progress...

So, you see what I mean.



Oh, fergawssake, people, keep up! Where's that rewind button... *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip!*

I saw a television commercial about a car. In the car were "passengers" talking about the uniqueness of the car and how it is designed for efficiency due to it's ultra-cool, multi-cylindricky transformer whatnot.* And then, AND THEN, one of the "passengers" claims that this information on the car's special design is true because he "read it on a blog."

Oh, well! If he was just an actor talking about a car in a television commercial, I might be skeptical. But here is an actor talking about a car in a television commercial and referencing an unnamed blog! I not only now believe this guy, I want him to run for Congress so we can finally get some truth-telling in that space.

Cheez. I blog and I don't believe all the things I say. Curious, that some marketing genius thought this would help sell the product. Maybe it will. Not to me. But "passenger #2" has my vote for Congresscritter for sure!

So, you see what I mean.

* Have I mentioned I'm not a detail person?


Gilahi said...

This remindes me of the old OTC medicine commercial that opened with a guy in a white coat saying, "I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV." Yeah? And?

lacochran said...

Gilahi: EGGGxactly.

GreenCanary said...

"I blog and I don't believe all the things I say." Oh, so true! And I'll have you know that I'll be referring to all of our politicos as "Congresscritters" from here on out. Thanks for broadening my vocabulary ;-)

lacochran said...

Greencanary: Happy to help out. :)