01 January 2009

New Year Adventure

And so a new year has begun. And you're thinking to yourself:

I read the Interwebs and everybody seems to be having more fun than me. I have a pretty good life but something's missing. WWDPD?* Why, he'd ask me: "How's that working for you?" and I'd have to be honest and say "Maybe it could be better."

Maybe I should do something. Could be I'm in a rut. ...Yeah, I'm definitely in a rut.

But what to do? Should I venture away from the General Tso's next time I order up Chinese food? Some people seem to like the Kung Pao. Or should I join a book club? Maybe switch from ESPN to ESPN2?

Damn it! Life is so confusing!

If you're looking for that new activity to add a little rush to your life, do not despair.

Check this out:

Pretty wild, no?

* What would Dr. Phil do?


Barbara said...

This is simply incredible! I kept waiting to see one of them splat against the cliffs, but they just kept flying. This looks like the country my Norwegian ancestors came from. What a trip! This must be the closest man has come to behaving like a bird.

Sean said...

Well, there could always be another blogger Happy Hour! Of course, Dr. Phil probably wouldn't show.

Mike said...

What are the last words a redneck says? "Hey ya'll. Watch this!"
These guys look like they're trying to join that club.

Matt said...

Im in. When are we leaving?

Bilbo said...

It's activities like this that make the Darwin Awards possible. And yes, I noticed your label about how they don't seem to show much in the way of landings. I suspect that "coroner" may be a lucrative business in that part of Norway.

f.B said...

rut or no rut: i will never turn my back on the General Tso's.

(and i'm with Sean: having a second chance at a blogger happy hour would be amazing. there is that DC meetup.com one on January 21)

The Eldon & June Bangerter 2009 Family Reunion Site said...
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J.M. Tewkesbury said...

That's cool! I want to do that!

(Sorry about that last comment, by the way. I was working on our family reunion blog and didn't realized I was still signed in to that account.)

Kate said...

I think I would probably do anything opposite of what Dr. Phil told me to do. He makes me cringe.


And anything that would potentially make me wet my pants is kind of out for a sport.

My dignity is far from intact, but I have as of yet - never wet my pants in public.

LiLu said...

Oh, wowser. And here I thought I was being adventurous by resolving to do laundry more often... woooooo!

fiona said...

A bottle of Whisky and I'm up for it!
Up for anything actually...

Melissa B. said...

I reckon I'd be WAY to chicken-hearted to try this! This is how I talk when I go back home to Texas! Hey there, you Superior Scribbler, you! Melissa B., The Scholastic Scribe, here, checking in with fellow Scribblers! BTW, I've got a couple of things on my mind today. First off, don't forget Sx3 tomorrow...it's a stitch! And I've got a pretty good chance of snagging a superior blog award...thanking you in advance for your support!

Cyndy said...

I'm definitely going to do that - when I'm 88. By then I'll have nothing to loose. I think they land via parachutes just like in skydiving. It looks like the wing suit prolongs the descent. It looks like some seriously scary fun!

Asphodel said...

Whoa I'm in for that as well! Though I don't think it would change the comfy rut I've plonked myself in.

Reya Mellicker said...

Vimeo is so cool.

However the thought of a wing suit and jumping off a cliff? Makes me want to throw up.

Happy new year, you!

lacochran said...

Barbara, Kate, Melissa B. Reya: I agree.

Sean, f.B: Who'd wanna drink with Dr. Phil? If either of you arrange a HH, count me in!

Mike, Bilbo: Like I said, pretty wild.

Matt, J.M. Tewkesbury, Cyndy, Asphodel: I'll miss you.

Lilu: With fabric softener and everything? *shiver*

Fiona: It would take more than 1 for me.