29 January 2009

Plain Jane? NOT.

Not long ago, we watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes again on AMC. Well, there was nothing else on, it was free, it's got snappy numbers in it, ...and why am I explaining myself?

It stars Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell.





They co-star.

Marilyn and Jane:

Notice how irritated Jane looks in this shot. I'd be irritated, too, if I was in a killer dress and had to walk next to Marilyn. Do gentlemen prefer blondes? Dunno about that but I get that they prefer Marilyn to Jane, even though Jane is no slouch. No slouch at all.

But, Marilyn... Marilyn is riveting. When she is on the screen, you don't see Jane. You don't see anybody but Marilyn.

Yes, she is blonde. She has that affected babydoll voice, the incredibly lush body, that way her lips move more than they need to but in a most pleasing way.

There is no bad angle for Marilyn.

And she is the perfect mix of sexuality and innocence. If you could bottle it, you'd make a fortune.

But since Jane doesn't get her due next to Marilyn, I am providing a clip of Jane doing a number from the movie [with no sign of Marilyn but with plenty of beefcake. In fact, it goes over the top (given the era it was filmed in) from about 2:30 on. And rumor has it that Jane wasn't supposed to go into the water. Check it.]

Sing it, Jane!


Fearless in Toronto said...

Brilliant. Love them. Love this movie. Thank you for reminding me.

f.B said...

hooray for brunettes.

and i don't think it was a rumor. it was a flying knee to the back of the head

Narm said...

I prefer brunettes any day of the week - but Marilyn Monroe is the exception to the rule. She can give me a flying knee whenever she wants.

LBluca77 said...

As a blonde I can say yes men do prefer brunettes. Even here in So Cal, where you think they would prefer blondes they don't.

But really who would have a chance next to Marilyn.

Liebchen said...

This movie's on my "to-see" list. And I LOVE Jane's dress. Even more than Marilyn's, I'd venture.

Kate said...

I'm SO sending this link to Gay BOyfriend. He'll watch it all day long.

And I'm blonde and see no results from it. So.

Herb of DC said...

Jane is quite the uh... dancer.

fiona said...

Jane was wonderful - always
Have to say though the "lads" had some interesting moves going on!
Off for a cold shower...

Mike said...

The knee to the head definitely looked unrehearsed. But she made the best of the situation.

The Pumpernickel said...

See, the only thing I could think as I watched was that of course, none of those fellas was "here for love." Every one of those practically naked, prancing gymnast/dancers was a raging homosexual.

urban bohemian said...

I've always loved that scene for some reason... Hm. :-)

I mostly love when she sings "as Marilyn" in court. Fantastic scene.

GreenCanary said...
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GreenCanary said...

"Dibs on the shot putter." <-- I love Dorothy Shaw.

GreenCanary said...

DANG! Why do my links NEVER work? That was supposed to be: http://green-canary.blogspot.com/2008/04/those-girls-cant-drown.html

Malnurtured Snay said...

I'd do her.

lacochran said...

Fearless in Toronto: It is an uplifting movie. In so many ways.

f.B: She handled it with more grace than I would have!

Narm: That would be a pretty desiccated knee at this point.

LBluca77: Nobody I can think of.

Liebchen: Yeah, Marilyn wears a variety of dresses in this and that orange one is my least favorite.

Kate: Funny, Loni Anderson swears it makes a difference.

Herb of DC: Uh... yes.

Fiona: Got you in a lather?

Mike: A trooper!

The Pumpernickel: Maybe. What's the line about assuming...?

Urban Bohemian: It's that scene in the courtroom that makes me appreciate Jane for Jane and Marilyn for Marilyn even more.

Green Canary: Like minds. :)

Malnurtured Snay: You're in luck. She's 87. Might I suggest you treat her to an early bird dinner, first?

Madame Meow said...

All that's left to say is "purr".

emma said...

Marilyn epitomizes the "it" factor - lit from within. Too bad she burned out so quickly.

lacochran said...

Madame Meow: Is that for Jane or the beefcake?

Emma: Couldn't agree more.