28 January 2009

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank god for you..."--Bette Midler

Well, it's Wednesday. Wednesday is super-duper meeting day around these parts.

Often I have six meetings scheduled for Wednesday. Sometimes seven. Fo shizzle.*

See, lots of people telecommute Mondays and Fridays and I telecommute on Tuesdays, which either makes me very clever or the village idiot. Jury's still out. This means that five days of meetings get crammed into two days: Wednesday and Thursday. And, unless we got enough snow and ice from the storm to close work**, I'll be slammed with meetings all day long.

So, don't expect to find me all lighthearted and frolicy on Wednesdays.****

But I did post a new poll up there on the right. Because I'm committed, damn it, to you, the reader. *cue Wind Beneath My Wings* So, do me a solid***** and vote!

And tell the others--and there will be others--how, despite all odds, I bravely put forth the lamest Wednesday post ever.

For you. *makes eye contact*

You special reader, you. *flashes money shot before turning and running down the hall*

*from down the hall* 'Cause it's all about you! Don't ever forget that you're the most impor--Oh, hi, Betty! Love that outfit! Are you heading to the meeting, too?

* I can't pull that off. I'm lame.

** Fingers crossed as I write this on Tuesday.***

*** Fingers crossed mskes for a lot of typos.

**** What do you mean I'm never lighthearted and frolicy? Hmph. Like you're a box of FiddleFaddle.

***** I can't pull that off, either. Great. More awkward.


f.B said...

i voted. even though you broke eye contact with me

LBluca77 said...

That would make me call in sick every Wednesday if I had that many meetings.

Liebchen said...

Six hours of meetings?? Have you learned how to sleep with your eyes open yet?

Liebchen said...

Oops, read that wrong, but still...six meetings in a day...

fiona said...

*flashes money shot before turning and running down the hall*
Dang you look good girl!
Oh and I voted...just for you

Kate said...

I'm so glad that I'm finally so unimportant in the work world that I never have meetings anymore.

But I DO wish they paid me more for that privilege.


rs27 said...


You can go back in time?!?!

You can make thousands!

LiLu said...

I had dreams all last night about whether or not I'd get a snowday.

The last one was a nightmare, that we did NOT.

Then I realized I was actually awake, and it was true.

POOP on Wednesdays.

Mike said...

Ahh one of the things I miss about going to work everyday.

Well gotta' get back to shoveling a little snow, take a break, blog a little, take a break, play in the snow with the dog, take a break, shovel a little snow, take a break. This schedule is killin' me.

D.C. Confidential said...

Meetings. One thing I definitely do not miss about working for The Establishment. In my job and my company, there are no meetings. Unless you count adjourning at 5:00 for drinks with friends. I guess that could be a meeting...

Narm said...

You totally did not pull off that fo' shizzle - but only because nerdy white guys are the ones that actually say that. And jiggy.

Will Smith counts as a nerdy white guy.

Barbara said...

Things like AWS and telecommuting have had a profound effect on the work week. I can imagine there might be a time when teleconferencing is all electronic and there is no need to ever take your PJs off. Personally I think things were better off workwise when people went in 5 days a week, just sayin'.

Matt said...

*I think they say fo shizz now.

or not.

Sean said...

Is it bad that I'm thinking about voting for all five options?

lacochran said...

f.B: Never! And, thanks.

LBluca77: It's tempting.

Liebchen: Seems excessive, yes?

Fiona: Sweet, Fiona! And thanks!

Kate: All trade-offs to be sure.

Rs27: And my boss can chase me around the desk without hearing from HR.

LiLu: Poop, indeed.

Mike: You're killing me here.

D.C. Confidential: Those are the best meetings! See you soon!

Narm: Na-na-na-na-na-na-na. Na-na-na-na-na-na. Gettin' jiggy with it...

Barbara: I may have to buy PJs when that comes to pass.

Matt: Got it! Thanks!

Sean: Not at all. That's why multiple answers are permissible. :)

zandria said...

I would NOT be able to deal with 6-7 meetings in one day. Oh, the AGONY...

lacochran said...

Zandria: It definitely fries the brain.