09 January 2009

"Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash" --Pink Floyd

As I was speaking of finding things just a few days ago, I am reminded of a relatively recent experience in a Metro station that caused me to do a Scooby-doo "Huhhh?"

We were at the machines to reload our SmarTrip fare cards and witnessed the following exchange next to us.

Him: *putting paper money into machine*
Her: *eying pennies on floor in front of machine*, *reaching down to pick up pennies on floor*
Him: *using his leg to block her from reaching* Don't touch that! You know how filthy that is?
Her: *retrieving hand, sheepishly*
Him: *reaching into coin return to get change*

I got to thinking about that... He didn't want her picking up coins off the "filthy" floor. Okay. But, at least the floor gets mopped once a day. I guarantee those machine coin return spaces never get cleaned and they get reached into by all types of germy humanity. And is the floor or the machine any cleaner or dirtier than the money itself?

Which brings us to the questions of the day: Do you believe that money is dirty? Will you pick up money? Are there places you won't pick up money?


Bilbo said...

Are you kidding? With the economy the way it is? I'd pick up money if it being handed out by someone suffering from Ebola.

urban bohemian said...

Now I have the cash register sounds playing in my head, darn you!

I almost always pick up money that I see, even pennies, but I do carry around hand sanitizer almost all the time or I'm careful to only touch things that will get laundered after I do. I will admit that if I'm in a hurry or it's very cold out, I do pass over smaller denominations, but if I spy a bill that hasn't just fallen from someone's pocket or purse, that sucker is MINE. As I have yet to encounter money sitting atop poo, I don't believe there are many situations I'd pass it by.

You remind me of two-man job I saw in Bethesda while at the Original Pancake House. This kid was looting the fountain while his grandfather (maybe) supervised and helped. All I could think was, "Hey! Those aren't your wishes! Those are there to clog the drains, dang it!"

Herb of DC said...

I started my career in branch banking and yes money is dirty—especially the night deposit bags from fast food places such as Long John Silver or KFC (shudders at the memory).

Until recently I ignored only pennies on the ground. As it becomes more difficult for me to get up and down, I no longer bother to pick up nickels. It has to be at least a Roosevelt or a Washington to get me on my knees now(hmm…something about that doesn’t look right).

Narm said...

Places I would not pick up change -

Anywhere on Lindsay Lohan
A port-a-potty

Erin said...

Agreed, money is dirty.

You're probably right that the coin return is gross, but the pennies on the ground get stepped on, and the bottoms of shoes are pretty disgusting if you think about it.

As for germs in general, I'm stuck thinking about the Costco sample lady who was juicily blowing her nose between servings this morning.

Sorry kids - no cake samples today...

Gilahi said...

"Discover" magazine once had an article that claimed that all money that's been in circulation for any time at all has enough cocaine on it to be detected by a drug-sniffing dog.

So you should not only pick up money, you should snort it.

f.B said...

two things:

1) you quoted Scooby-Doo! you quoted Scooby-Doo!

2) i didn't like "him's" tone. something about the domineering attitude toward "her" made me really, really not like him

fiona said...

"Find a penny pick it up, then all day you'll have good luck. Find a penny leave it be and bad luck will come to thee"
...the luck kills the germs

Mike said...

Yes, money if filthy.

But that guy could be getting change that had just been on the ground in front of the machine.

And you should see what I do with the ...... no wait .... that's a different blog. nevermind

LBluca77 said...

It's money, of course I would pick it up. It is not like I would plan on licking it, just spending it.

Barbara said...

I will pick up money just about anywhere. I think the fear of germs has been oversold. I'm more afraid of the antibacterial soap than I am of the germs on just about anything I touch! And I rarely get sick.

Kate said...

I'll pick up money and yes I think it's dirty. But no, I don't wash my hands after picking it up.

When the super flu hits? We're screwed. This is how it will be spread.

I'm such a doomsayer.


LiLu said...

Money is the only thing on the planet filthier than other people's hands. It's been EV. RY. WHERE. When I was in the restaurant biz, I used to wash my hands every 1.2 seconds.

But yeah, if it was paper, I'd pick it up. Especially if it was in the Metro... if you're in the Metro, you're already due for a hand-washing anyway.

emmajames said...

Unless the money is in a sewer or I think I'm being punked, I will most likely pick it up. And like LBluca77, I don't plan on licking it. Sometimes you just gotta live on the edge!

lacochran said...

Bilbo: Yeah, dead and rich is much preferable to dead and poor.

Urban Bohemian: That picture is outrageous! People... *shakes head*

Herb of DC: Thanks for sharing what it takes to get you on your knees.

Narm: I've never been to Detroit but those first two are just good common sense.

Erin: Ewww! Yeah, sometimes we see too much.

Gilahi: Ha! I'm thinking you're talking paper money here. And, noted.

f.B: 1) I did! I always ask myself "What would Scooby do?" And the answer is always "Have a Scooby snack."
2) I agree. Who was he to tell her what to do or not do?

Fiona: Oo, I like that theory!

Mike: Just how many "different" blogs are you maintaining?

LBluca77: Sounds prudent.

Barbara: Your attitude is my attitude. A little dirt is nothing. Those mass produced chemical agents? Now that's scary.

Kate: Super flu? Will I be entitled to sick leave?

LiLu: Ever see people lean their heads against the Metro windows? No way I'm not doing that.

EmmaJames: Here's to living on the edge!

Scenic Wheaton said...

totally hilarious

lacochran said...

Scenic Wheaton: Glad you're amused. Thanks for stopping by.