11 January 2009

"Nothing compares to you" --Sinead O'Connor

Ever been compared to someone you think looks nothing like you? What do you say?

A while back, I heard from a relation of my husband's. She emailed me, excited to tell me I had a double. She included a link to a commercial on YouTube, saying that the woman in the commercial looked exactly like me and that every time she saw the commercial she was amazed.

Here's the thing: I watched the commercial and thought "She thinks THAT'S what I look like?! IS that what I look like?! I do NOT look like that!"

Hubby spent 20 minutes trying to calm me down, assuring me that this woman looked nothing like me. That it was the hairstyle and maybe the jawline... sort of... not even... but other than that, I was much better looking than Commercial Woman.

Oh, and can I say, it is never a good idea to compare yourself to someone who is famously attractive. No good can come of this. Do not put in a dating profile: "People tell me I resemble Salma Hayek." Even if you have, say, Salma's smile, you likely don't have the other, rather important, parts that go with being Salma Hayek. And it's not just a chick thing. I've met guys who say things like "Well, people tell me I look a little like X", where X is Taye Diggs or George Clooney. That's just asking for a derisive snort.

But I guess it's true that there are only so many combinations of features. It's funny how we want to see familiarity in the faces of strangers. I am often saying, "Our waitress looks a little like [friend]" or "Doesn't that guy over there remind you of [cousin]"?

Well, I may regret this but... Doesn't this comedienne look a little like DC's own food goddess, the lovely Lemmonex?


Watch funny chick, Jen Kirkman, and see if you agree:

Not just like her, but I can sort of see a resemblance. Of course, Lemmonex is much better looking.

PS to Lemmonex: I think I showed some restraint by not including the clip of Jen talking about masturbation.


Herb of DC said...

Yeah saying "you look exactly like ______" is a bad idea. Yet we all do it.

I was told once I looked exactly like Doris Day's son. Fortunately this was before Google so I couldn't confirm how off the person was and even now, I don't dare to check.

LBluca77 said...

I hate when people do that too. A friend told me that she thought I looked like Kate Walsh. Everytime she watched Grey's Anatomy she was like "there you are" OK I look nothing like her. Maybe we both have large bulging eyes, but a lot of people do. She has auburn hair as I am blonde. There is nothing about her and me that look remotly the same besides bulging eyes. So based on that I guess I also look likie Star Jones.

Mike said...

Different people lock in on different things about peoples' faces. I get told I look like David Letterman a lot. But I think it's all about the space between my front teeth and not much more.

LiLu said...

I see it! But yes, our lady is definitely much, MUCH more beautiful.

f.B said...

*sigh*, salma hayek.

people used to tell me horribly inaccurate things. how can i look like will smith, musiq soulchild, chris rock and tiger woods, all in the same year?

Felisa said...

I hate it when people do that because the people they compare me to are either too pretty (then I think they're just buttering me up) or quite unnattractive (then I just feel insulted). I also hate it when people claim that they look someone who they don't look like at all. It would be a lot better if I point it out rather than for them to force me to see the resemblance (if there's any at all).

Anonymous said...

I have short blonde hair now so I can promise you we no longer look alike.
jen (kirkman)

lacochran said...

Herb of DC: I don't know what he looks like but Doris is a looker so maybe that's a good thing.

LBluca77: A little. Around the eyes.


Mike: That would probably do it, yeah.

Lilu: Well, they're both very attractive.

f.B: That must have been one hell of a year!

Felisa: Agreed!

Jen: OMG! Good of you to stop by! :) Love your comedy, and, just to be clear, you are quite attractive in your own right.

Matt said...

I tell bloggers I look like a combination of Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

because if you're going to lie, you may as well go for the big one.

charlotteharris said...

OK I am dying to know who you were told you resemble. I have been told I look like Teri Garr. You have met me, so you know this is real stretch.

zandria said...

While it's a compliment to be compared to beautiful and talented celebrities, I think we tend to think of all the ways we're different from them. (I've personally been told that I look like Julie Delpy and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.)

Lemmonex said...

Haha, I am ok being compared to a funny lady...thanks!

lacochran said...

Matt: Why not throw in a dash of Mickey Rourke, just to see if they're paying attention?

CharlotteHarris: The actress was not someone I've ever seen before or since. In fact, I'm glad she didn't become famous. Yeah, I can see where they'd compare Teri's expression to yours but you're prettier.

Zandria: I think you're right.

Lemmonex: Glad you're cool with it. :)

Erin said...

Someone once told my husband that he looked like Andrew Shue. He still treasures the comparison, though at this point it's both completely untrue and hopelessly outdated...

lacochran said...

Erin: If he does, even remotely, you're a lucky woman.