10 August 2008

"I'll be Watching You" -- The Police, Greatest Stalker Hits

Another mystery to me: Why do people list what they are currently reading on their blogs? I can see sharing recommendations of favorite books but ...currently reading? Not a criticism, just a curiosity.

Should I do this? I'm thinking much as you love me* you couldn't care less what I'm reading. But perhaps I'm wrong.

I am currently reading "Bel Canto" by Ann Patchett but it's taking me forever to get through it because:

A) I'm easily distracted.

B) I read slower than a sloth would read if a sloth read would chuck wood.

C) I keep getting magazines so I look at those. I receive quite a few because for a while I was answering surveys and one of the lame things you can trade in your low number redemption points for is magazines. My points were expiring soooo... lots of magazines I wouldn't normally read are appearing in my mailbox. It's a strange thing to look at magazines you normally wouldn't pick up. Like being in a doctor's waiting room but you're in your own home.**

D) I watch badtelevision. Television has become so bad, it's now one word: badtelevision. I have been known to switch it off once in a while but this always garners amazement from Hubby so I tend to just leave it on, melting my brain into soft beta.***

Um, so there you have it. I am currently reading Bel Canto. By Ann Patchett. Here's what it looks like:

Do you feel closer to me now?

* Oh, stop it. You know you do.

** Does the mailman looks at the magazines I am getting as a means of furthering our distant connection?

*** Beta. Like buttah. But bettah.


Narm said...

I'm with you on the demise of television. Is this reality thing ever going to end?

restaurantrefugee said...

Television has gotten so bad, and its addictive quality so high that I took the nuclear option a few months ago. Yup, I cancelled my cable.

Tina said...

Restaurant - welcome to the TV free world. I have not had cable for two years now. And I live in the boonies so no cable means no TV recpetion at all. It's amazing how much I DON'T miss it.
There are a few series I like well enough to rent on DVD on the occasional evening (Heros, House, Bones) but over all - TV free and loving it.

lacochran said...

Narm: Sadly, no. It's incredibly cheap to make and the masses love it. Why can't we be happy masses, damn it?

RestaurantRefugee & Tina: Huhhh? You seem to be saying something but it makes no sense. Turn your TV up so I can understand you.

Bilbo said...

I wanted to read Bel Canto. I was consumed by the question of what it is that Bel Canto. Does Bel care if she Canto or not? And is Bel's nickname "Deci" because she makes so much noise? I just got carried away. I'll go now. Sorry.