09 August 2008

A blessing on your head, Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov

This scenario happens a lot:

Me: *coughitycough*

Them: Bless you!

Me: Thanks.

Them: Wait--did you sneeze or cough?

Me: That was a cough.

Them: Oh. Never mind, then.

What the heck?

They'll bless me if I sneeze but a cough somehow doesn't rank a blessing?

Am I any less in need of a blessing if I cough than if I sneeze?

Now I'm not generally one to turn down a blessing from anybody but based on their "only sneeze" policy, when I do sneeze and they bless me, how much stock should I put into it?


Sean said...

Now that you wrote about this, I guess I only say bless you when someone sneezes. If I said that everytime someone coughs too, I think that's all I would say most days.

Bilbo said...

If you were in China, you would be regulated by the government's "One Sneeze Policy," under which you receive a blessing only for your first sneeze. If you sneeze more than once, you not only don't get a blessing, but you have to go to a Sneeze Reeducation Center at which you learn about the evils of "Sneezeism." Subsequent violations can end you up in jail. Count your blessings. So to speak.

lacochran said...

Sean: It's okay if you don't bless me. Just don't take it back if you do.

Bilbo: I am a very blessed indeed.