14 August 2008

Considering applying to FDU? Want free money?

This is an open communication to anyone who may be considering going to Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU). If you are not, you may go about your business.

One of my alma maters is Fairleigh Dickinson. They recently sent me an Alumni Newsletter. On the back was this message "Save a prospective FDU student $1,000 - Without spending a dime of your own! Do you know a college-bound student who would be a great fit at FDU? It may be a relative, neighbor or child of a friend. As an FDU graduate, your signature on our Alumni/Trustee/Faculty Recommendation Form will automatically guarantee a one-time, $1,000 grant during the student's first undergraduate year at our University. [more stuff elided] But hurry! Recommendations must be received by January 15, 2009 for students entering in Fall 2009."

So, if you are a prospective FDU student, drop me a line. If I can get you a grant, I will. At least for the first person who responds, as I don't know how long and involved the form is and more than one may cut into my slack-jawed, television-watching time.

What do you have to do? Go to FDU, study, and be cool. :)


Sean said...

"It may be a relative, neighbor or child of a friend."

Does this also apply for random bloggers? :)

lacochran said...

Sean: Any parent of a child who I set up a $1000 grant for would be my friend.