22 August 2008

Real and for-true e-mail

This e-mail went to seven people in my organization. I was one of the lower ranking recipients.

"Good morning. Several orders were placed with [Tech Support] for software for your perusal. As soon as the software has been delivered and installed, please provide me with the installation discs for safekeeping. I maintain a database for all software purchases within [the organization].

[List of different software packages and who received each.]


That's a relief. Now I know how to keep my installation discs safe. I was debating: Should I melt them? Pitch them in the toilet? Grind them up and eat them? It was a quandary. Thank heaven we've got people like this looking out for us.


Narm said...

I have to admit I've lost every installation disc I have ever had in my life.

I am a failure.

Gilahi said...

Gosh. Now what will you hang from your car mirror?

Kate said...


lacochran said...

Narm: So it's because of you!

Gilahi: Tree-shaped air freshener? Crystal? High-school tassel? Pictures of my pet? Garfield? The tacky choices are endless.

Kate: :)