05 August 2008

Do you think they'd look nice displayed with my Franklin Mint Elvis plates?

Photo I took:

Photo of can taken by someone who hasn't ingested hallucinogens:

According to the Interwebs: People can collect six different "Indiana Jones"-themed cans of Dr Pepper or Diet Dr Pepper.

Okay, I get that some people collect movie stuff and some people even collect vintage soda stuff but how many of you are scrambling to collect these beauties? I saw one of these Diet Dr Peppers while traveling and was shocked to see the words "limited edition" on the can.

I can collect Dr Pepper cans of soda?


*blink* *blink*


Oh, look, I can buy the whole set of six on E-bay right now for $5.99. And that's WITH the soda! Do I have to keep them in pristine condition to maintain their value? I so want to collect those pull tabs to help that poor child with cancer but then what will the experts on Antiques Roadshow say when I bring them in?


AbbotOfUnreason said...

Oh, I collected cans like crazy as a kid. I remember visiting some relative who had an entire basement with walls lined with (generally non-aluminum) beer cans of all different brands.

All I could do was a few sodas and about a hundred National Boh cans. I moved from collecting into stacking. I made great towers of cans in my bedroom from floor to ceiling.

Inevitably, the cat would become a little too curious about the can towers...

rs27 said...

Coke is the premier collectable can collection.

Just sayin.

Reya Mellicker said...

It's sad, isn't it? Once Indiana Jones was so dashing. Now he's an old geezer featured on Dr. Pepper cans. Sad.

Bilbo said...

I wonder if I can find my few remaining cans of Olde Frothingslosh, the Pale Stale Ale with the Foam on the Bottom...?

lacochran said...

Abbott: Um, wow. Did you collect them full or empty?

Rs27: It's a known fact.

Reya: So true!

Bilbo: Mmmm?

AbbotOfUnreason said...

lac -- empty :) the serious collector I knew would puncture the bottom of the can with a can opener to drain the beer out without affecting the pull tab on the top. This was back in the days when pull tabs actually pulled off.