23 April 2009

"Tell me something good" --Chaka Khan

I have finished my class.

Every time I take a class, I try to set my expectations accordingly. If I learn one new thing, I'm pleased. Just one. Sometimes I don't even get that one thing. If I learn more than one thing, well, huzzah! How great is that?

In this class, I learned one thing.

--Monica Gellar

And, because I'm a big believer in education for all and I'm all about paying it forward and I used to have a friend that would always say "Share the wealth" when he meant "Share what you know", I'm about to share what I learned with you and save you three days of your precious time* and thousands of dollars.


All right. Here it is:

You know how when you take your hand up to the side of your head and point at your head and move your hand in a circle, it means "crazy"? Well, in Argentina, this gesture means you have a phone call.

I swear that's what I was told.

So, next time someone does this to you, don't take offense. Just say, "¿Dónde está el teléfono?"

* I know you have lots to do. Like avoiding that one curled, greenish-brown chip in the potato chip bag. Why does every bag have one? Is it some FDA requirement? A government microchip that you accidentally ingest? What?

** Thanks for sitting up a little straighter and pricking up your ears. You look so cute when you do that. How do you do that?


Kate said...

That's the gesture my family uses to let the rest of the room know that it's my mom on the phone. So - both things taken care of at once.

G said...

That last chip must not even be touched! I have no idea why it is in every bag. When I see it, and I always do, I am convinced something very wrong could happen if that crusty piece of chip snot is touched, or worse, eaten.

LBluca77 said...

Ever since the Friends episode I can't pack without pulling a Monica.

Passport check!

Luggage check!

fiona said...

I've missed thousands of phone calls?
AND I can stop taking the "loopy pills" ?
This post is GOLD!
I'm sane and thousands of people want to talk to me! WooooHoooo

Kristin said...

I'm totally going to have to check this out next week in Buenos Aires. Not that I'll have my own phone, which might make people think that I am crazy when I say they have a phone call, but whatever.

Mike said...

I'd leave a longer comment but I have to go. Somebodies telling me I have a phone call.

Liebchen said...

It makes you wonder how the same gesture can mean two completely different things.

No? Just me?

Narm said...

That is CRAZY - wait, what are you doing...do I have a call?

rs27 said...

I heard in Thailand if you bang your shoe against the table, you're callnig for the waiter.

In the US, thats called foreplay.

f.B said...

There are some very nice Argentinians I should go apologize to.

GreenCanary said...

There's the icky chip in the bag, and then there's also the icky french fry at the bottom of the fry box. Sometimes, if you're not paying attention, you accidentally eat it and don't recognize the problem until you crack a tooth. It's sneaky, that fry.

Barbara said...

Hand gestures vary incredibly from one country to the next.

I would love to know the title of the class -- what it purported to be teaching you! My guess is it had nothing to do with hand gestures...

lacochran said...

Kate: Ha! A two-fer!

G: It *is* disturbing. Best leave it be.

LBluca77: :) I have more Monica in me than I'd care to admit.

Fiona: You betcha!

Kristin: Yes! Have a great trip and report back!

Mike: I'm telling you that right now.

Liebchen: Actually, there are a number of gestures that fall into that category. It's true! So, be careful when you go abroad.

Narm: You so crazy. :)

Rs27: Everything's foreplay.

f.B: :)

GreenCanary: Also, true. And don't forget overcooked peanut in the can of peanuts. Bleah.

Barbara: It was about building better relationships, so, yeah, technically, it was related.

LiLu said...

*makes puppy dog eyes*

lacochran said...

LiLu: Who's a good girl?! You're a good girl! Yes, you are! Yes, you are!!

Sean said...

Seems to me that you should take a vacation to Argentina to try it out!

lacochran said...

Sean: Works for me!

Kate said...

Well, sounds like this class was very worthwhile. :)

P.S. Does it strike you as odd or ironic that the verification word is "gosit"? Made me immediately think of the dog in picture at the top of your post.

lacochran said...

Kate: wv stands for Wacky Vera. She knows exactly what she's doing.