16 April 2009

"It takes every kind of people to make what life's about, yeah" --Robert Palmer

Two things caught my eye yesterday:

See that blurry white SUV up there*? Not only did it have a "Palin 2012" bumper sticker on it but it's NC license plate said PALIN012. I imagine the Department of Motor Vehicles scene:

Palin Fan: Hi, I'd like to order a special license plate, please, Ma'am.

DMV Drone: Mm.

Palin Fan: I hope I can get it! I'm so excited!

DMV Drone: Mm.

Palin Fan: I want PALIN012! You know, for Palin 2012? I love Sarah Palin. She's so gosh darn smart and spunky and, well, just wonderful! Don'cha think?

DMV Drone: Mm.

Palin Fan: I hope nobody has that plate already! I'll just die if someone has it already! Please hurry!

DMV Drone: Mm.

Also, yesterday, I saw this:

Look what some kind heart is giving away. Yup. Christmas candy. On April 15th! Mmmm, fresh! And where is this located? That's right! That's bathroom tile you see. At least it's wrapped. I have a feeling it'll be sitting there until someone throws it out. But that's just my take. Would you eat candy found abandoned in the bathroom?

*Sorry, it was the best I could do in the rain with my "piece of garbage" replacement phone camera. For those following our saga, the latest POG is not exhibiting the old problems but started exhibiting screen color bleed on Day 1.


Bob said...

Scary dumb folks are everywhere!

Liebchen said...

Um, candy from the bathroom? Even I don't have that much of a sweet tooth.

liferehab said...

Candy in a bathroom?! I never thought I'd say no to candy, but I would in this case. If it were cookies though...

Narm said...

DMV Worker - You betcha!!!

repliderium.com said...

I don't know which of these stories scares me more. Seriously, I don't know.

Matt said...

Only in DC...

at least, I hope thats the only place that has Palin fans.

dmb5_libra said...

its sad that the paid (and are paying) money for that crap. they might as well get a personalize plate that says "FNIDIOT"

f.B said...

bathroom candy? there isn't enough plastic wrapping in the city...

Titania said...

PALIN012?!! I wonder if it is a 16 year-old with way too many raging hormones, I mean, since she is *supposed* to be hot and all. Seriously, what in the world are they thinking? (Are they thinking? Do they have a functioning brain?). The possibility of that woman maybe reaching higher positions of power seriously frightens me. More than candy in the bathroom. At least with the candy I have the choice of not eating it.

rs27 said...

Uh oh, the political diehards have reared their heads.

Run for it!!

Mike said...

So THAT'S where I left my candy canes.

Sean said...

I'll put leftover matzo and Passover food in the bathroom tomorrow and see what happens.

Barbara said...

I saw my first Palin2012 bumper sticker the other day and all those memories of her in the campaign rushed back. I am not looking forward to round #2. And I am rather annoyed that Ted Stevens got off the hook without really even getting his hand slapped.

I would not touch any of that sugar in the bathroom. That's really GROSS!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Palin plates? OMG...I'm speechless on that.

Wait, I'm speechless on the candy cane giveaways.

Both are just wrong!

Kate said...

I couldn't eat candy from a bathroom.

Herb of DC said...

My Facebook stream is filled with all sorts excited and glowing comments from acquaintances in my former home town who attended her speech last week.

And people wonder why I left!

RE; the candy. Hey it's wrapped! Can't you just carefully remove the wrappers...you know while wearing gloves or something?

lacochran said...

Bob, Rs27, Barbara: One would think the opposition could come up with someone better than Palin by 2012.

Liebchen, Liferehab, f.B, Barbara, Kate: And this is why you are healthy and wise.

Narm: Will you ghost write my stuff?

Repliderium.com: They were disturbing, that's for sure.

Matt: Well, they were in the DC area but they had NC plates.

Dmb5_libra: Now, that would be funny!

Titania: They were middle aged people. I don't get it, either.

Mike: What were you doing in the Ladies' Room?

Sean: Ha!

Little Ms. Blogger: Thanks for sharing your speechlessness. :)

Herb of DC: She's still speaking? Gak. And, come on over and get it. Trust me, it'll be waiting for you.