09 April 2009

"Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me" --The Fray

Why is The Fray so sad? They've never been what you'd call stable but lately they're even sadder and angrier than usual. I worry for them.

Should we do some sort of intervention?

Any volunteers?

Who can bring the horns?

Silly hats?

Who's got The Golden Girls on DVD? That Sophia. What a nut!

Let's keep the menu simple and cheerful. Mmm... String Cheese and Twinkie Bites? Oooo, WAIT!!! Fudgy the Whale ice cream cake!!!!


Lemmonex said...

They are sad because Grey's Anatomy stopped playing them every week.

Shannon said...

Personally, I can always be cheered up with a hug, followed by an off-key rendition of "You Are So Beautiful." Think that works on artsy types?

Liebchen said...

I'm with you. Golden Girls and string cheese? How could that fail?!

Matt said...

How come every Fray songs sounds exactly the same.

fiona said...

I've got the Golden Girls if you've got the ice cream cake!

repliderium.com said...

I can bring a slip & slide.

rs27 said...

The Fray is nice.

The Fray concert with a woman?


Mike said...

You need to do another post soon. That clown is still within accidental scroll distance.

Sean said...

I think it's an act. The Fray must have made big money from their songs being featured on Grey's Anatomy and another one on HBO. They're smiling on the inside!

f.B said...

It's the sheer weight of artistry, man. It's the artistry.

LiLu said...

Cupcakes and grilled cheese! WIN!

lacochran said...

Lemmonex: A few less royalties. *sob*

Shannon: It's worth a try!

Liebchen: Total WIN!

Matt: Stick with a winning formula? (No matter how depressing)

Fiona, Repliderium.com, LiLu: Now we're rolling!

Rs27: Was she suicidal by the end?

Mike: Done.

Sean: Smiling all the way to the bank?

f.B: Was it artistry that killed the dinosaurs?