28 May 2008

Cloning, Tights, and the Q du Jour

We saw him again. We were at Jackson 20 Monday night and there he was. Unlike last time, he was with the missus and their daughters. He was slumped so low in his seat that he looked to be about my height (5'3") instead of his usual 6'2". I guess all that stickin' can wear a man down.

Me: "That's James Carville."
Hubby: "I believe you're right."
Me: "It is! It's him. It's them," I hiss, not letting the fact that Hubby has already agreed with me stop me from arguing, because when you are married to an extremely reasonable, well-adjusted, easy-going man, you have to pick up the slack on the crazy meter. I accept this burden. I knew what he was like when I married him.

As the Ragin' Cajun* was less than 10 feet away, I considered taking out my camera phone but didn't. After all, it wouldn't have been polite and I didn't want to pester him when he looked so weary.**

That's twice in a year he's shown up where we are. Coinkydink? Is he following us? Is he cloning himself so he can be omnipresent? I think I read about him doing that. Creepy. Is that so he can be "stickin" to everybody? And is it only a matter of time before Billy Mays will be SHOUTING about a CARVILLE REMOVER? It's like that episode of the Flintstones where there are multiple Freds. Very disturbing.

A better encounter: Cous, pronounced like Cousin, the bartender at Jackson 20 was very friendly and knowledgeable. I tried one of their specialty cocktails--it was a concoction of some fancy gin and Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka and Lillet. Quite smooth and tasty but it leads to...

Today's panel discussion topic:
Is $15 too much to spend for a single (albeit 3-liquor) cocktail in Old Town? Discuss.

* I think if you're going to have a nickname like the "Ragin' Cajun" you have to show up in a pro wrestler's outfit once in a while. Red tights, the works. Otherwise, you're just not owning it.

** Okay, AND the lighting was set really low in there and the picture wouldn't have come out well. There. Hmph. ...Okay, AND after that comment he--a vocal Hillary supporter--made about Hillary's three testicles, I didn't think it was wise to provoke him.


rs27 said...

15 bucks for any drink should be a crime.

A crime against human decency

Kristin said...

I think the most I'm willing to pay is $12 for a martini or $14 for a glass of wine, but I don't know. I haven't been tested. I wouldn't have said I'd go up to $14 for wine but I have. Regularly.

lacochran said...

rs27: Hm, methinks I overpaid.

Kristin: Wow. $14 for a glass of wine. Let me guess, you've been to some of those trendy wine bars where you can get a 2 oz. sample for $8 or a whole glass for $14? Still. Wow. Thanks for weighing in.