02 May 2008

Helen Thomas doesn't want me breathing on her

I am weary. Been weary for months. Trudged on. Played it down. Like maybe I should just suck it up/walk it off/rub dirt in it.

Now that the blood tests are back and I know I have mono I feel particularly weary. Like I've earned the right to be weary. Like maybe it's time I embrace my weariness and just sleep. Sleepy-sleep-sssss.

Life is about to get much more simple:

  1. Cancel everything on calendar.
  2. Sleep.

Irritating parts of mono besides the obvious:
#1: Having people talk about "the kissing disease." Oh, grow up people. Doctor says you can get it if some mono-laden person just sneezes or coughs in your vicinity.

#2: Apparently 46 is way too old to get mono. Most people get it in their high school years or early twenties. Well, excuse me for being a late bloomer.

Surprising part of mono:
I'm amazed at how many people have had this. Admitting I have it (for their safety as well as an explanation for why I'm dropping out of my own life) has opened a floodgate of true confessions.

This leads to irritating part of mono
The horror stories. Why is it that when you tell somebody something bad has happened to you, they feel a need to share their worse experience? "You got a hangnail? Oh, let me tell you about the time I got a hangnail and it turned into gangrene and I had to have my arm removed..." "Oh, would you?? Please?? Was there pus? OOOooo, tell me about the pus."

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