13 May 2008

Elementary School Moments

The previous post's stroll down memory lane put me in mind of some other strange moments in my early life. It's funny how we just sort of accept things in the moment and then years later we think back on them and go "whaaaaaaa...?"

Long before I hung out with Randi [and got to attend her way cool boy-girl party where I danced very poorly in her overheated rec room (read: basement)], I was a quiet kid in elementary school. Once in a while, a kid from school would suggest I come over to her house. I went.

Two of these visits come to mind:

Sharon: What I remember about spending the afternoon with Sharon was that she was very proud of the way she didn't blow her nose. Rather than apply a tissue to her nose and honk, she would suck the snot down into her mouth and then spit it into the tissue. She demonstrated this methodology to me, beaming.

Elisa: When I arrived at Elisa's house she handed me one of two steak knives she was carrying and suggested we play "thieves". This consisted of lurking around the house wielding our steak knives and eluding capture--not a difficult thing since we were the only ones who knew we were "thieves", having a mock knife fight with the real steak knives, and me watching Elisa lift real money from her mom's real purse.

I don't really know what to say about either of these episodes. Except they were weird, right? It's not just me, right? Those were weird.

They were.



Pierre Radulescu said...

Well, they were not weird. Kids do always funny things. I'm just reading Drown by Junot Diaz: you can see there tough stuff.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

lacochran said...

Pierre Radulescu: Well, yeah, kids are weird. Thanks for stopping by.

rothko said...

Weird. Yes. (And I love weird childhood stories.) It seems like stories get less weird the older we get. Or maybe they're still weird, but we no longer see them that way. Because our weird index is different. See, I just put the word "weird" in every sentence. And yet I don't find that weird at all. Just annoying. Ahh ... there.

lacochran said...

Rothko: I think people learn to hide their weirdocity. I'm guessing Sharon isn't showing people her sucked snot tissues anymore. I'm guessing she's joined a secret society that shares her particular brand of snot joy.